Setting of background on homepage (HP)

The character that is when the homepage is inspected something that uses the image for the background (wallpaper) on the page and written is not often read easily. When the homepage is made, the image specified to the back of the page that the picture file is selected is displayed in "Background image". I think that this is effective when it influences and it uses it for the impression that sees the homepage well. However, if it often becomes difficult to read and it is possible to do, let's stop using it for the groundwork of the character.

It is information on the character that it is the most important in the homepage. Only the image is seen and the necessity might not exist if the character is a good page by some means. Because such a page doesn't hang in the retrieval, it is not possible to see originally. Therefore, information on the character is passed on very legibly and plainly becomes the most important on the homepage.

Notes when wallpaper is used for background on page

The wallpaper of the background on the page is useful to improve the image of the page according to the usage. I think that the person is good though there is a contrast of the thing with light color, the thing with a too unnoticed pattern, and the text character. The pattern of the wallpaper of text character's background comes not to read the [datsuto] character of the case easily very much. If possible, let's use the wallpaper in the place without the text character.

If possible, the wallpaper is not used for the background of the character.

I think that you should not use the wallpaper and set the background color only if you decide the image and the impression on the page. There is an advantage that the display quickens because it doesn't use the image, too. As for the wallpaper, it is scheduled not to use it as I am basic.

It is convenient to use the external style sheet for the specification of the background on the homepage. It sets it with the external style sheet as follows.

body {background-color: #rrggbb}

#rrggbb specifies the color of the background. Three primary colors of red green rust are shown by the numerical value from 00 to ff in the hexadecimal number. (The example is #ffeedd, black is #000000, and white is #ffffff)

Arrangement of color of character and background that sees easily

Generally, I think that the black is used, and white or the color with a bright gray or light color is good for the background of the character (text). It becomes difficult for the contrast with the black to disappear and to read that it is a too dark color. I do not think that a white character is legible on black ground though it might be a problem of the favor.

It becomes a dark image when darkening it too much though it becomes easy to be lost of dazzling on the screen and to see a little when the background is made a gray. How if the one of the favor is used from among neutral tints of the color with light warm color group and cold color group?

Action when character is not read easily with background and wallpaper (measures on those who inspect page side)

When it wants to read by all means though shutting quickly without seeing is a hand, the page not to read the character easily because the page of the Internet is inspected, and the background and the wallpaper are inapposite does as follows. (For Internet Explorer. )

The color and the wallpaper used for the background are united to white when setting it to [The color specified on the Web page is not used] by [User assistance] in [Design][Whole] tab of [Internet option]. The text character becomes black. Original Style Sheet can be specified.

In browsers such as Firefox and Opera, it is possible to read by displaying it well when it changes to the setting that doesn't use Style Sheet or original Style Sheet is used.