Move of server (copy and setting between Xrea and Coreserver)

The rental server With Xrea There is uneasiness in the support though it is easy to use for the person who becomes accustomed because any Coreserver can be done because it is cheap. Because the support is a bad server, trouble borrows two or more servers from the self-defense plan. When the condition of the server worsens, the good policy the move to the server with a good condition.

Background of server move

Anyway, Value Domain With The support is the lowest though the rental server of may be cheap. It is necessary to set anything for myself. I do not think that there is a server that can be used comfortably because it is cheap like this if the usage is understood.

The condition of (charge) badly : ahead longer than half a year Borrowed newly from It moved to This time, the FTP on the homepage borrowed with and the condition of mail worsened, and it moved to (charge). It moved many times, and I want to record the way.

Move method between servers (copy and setting between Xrea and Coreserver)

This time From It is time when it moved to (charge) and it explains. When the move of the server is repeated many times, it seems to be good only in the setting of the copy between servers, DNS, the FTP, and the e-mail software.

Because it is only a setting of the FTP and the e-mail software now because it can set the copy and DNS between servers if it easily leaves it, it is very easy. Two or more settings of the FTP and mail are made for both servers and you seem may hardly do anything.

Method of copying the file between Xrea and Coreserver

The permission of the file and the folder (attribute) seems to be set to a regulated value. Please change the person who wants to change though anything did not have to operate as it is well, and to change CGI for me.

Moreover, please change the person who has trouble for me though in the file on the homepage, there was no place where all arranges one's verbs and objects.

Because it was only a homepage, I was easy though the move of the person who was using data base MySQL etc. seemed to be quite difficult.

It is in/of the directory on/public_html at the copy destination whether it was possible to copy it. If contents of servercopy.log (text file) are seen, it understands.

It seems not to go well when the copy between servers is done within 24 hours after it borrows the server as notes. Moreover, there seems to be only 50MB capacity of the server while not paying the charge (trial period).

Setting of DNS

Setting of domain web in moving destination ( in case of this time)

Setting of domain mail in moving destination ( in case of this time)

Setting of FTP and mail

The server name of the software of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) (FFFTP and homepage builder, etc.) and the feeding setting software (fRssAtom etc.) from s*** It changes to s*** This also changes the one for which the change in the password is necessary.

The server name of the sending and receiving of the e-mail software (Outlook express, Windows E-mail, and npop, etc.) also changes similarly. It is not necessary to change for mail in the password.

Method of confirming state of server

If it accesses the following address, and can confirm the state of each server by eyes though it is understood whether the server is trouble if the FTP and mail are used.

Use of server not used now due to trouble

Now, let's use the server not used as a backup of the server under use until trouble's canceling and using it as follows due to trouble. This also sometimes only copies between servers (update).


It is not understood whether all the people succeed by this method though the above-mentioned method went well when it is me. Please do not earnestly neglect the backup of the file of the server and execute it. I am not concerned even if it is this information and there is a disadvantage. Self-responsibility, please.