Change of HTML file in large quantities and simultaneously

When all files on the homepage are rewritten in the lump, TEXTSS of free software is very convenient. However, when it makes a mistake in the usage, it is irreparable.

Update work on homepage

When the homepage is made, the update work is indispensable. If possible, it is the one that attentively updates, and always keeps the latest.

When the same operation is done to other files, the change work on the homepage can surely be done early according to substitution though often does with the editor and the homepage builder.

However, when the number of pages increases, this work becomes serious. This operation might reach the full page when the menu has adhered to each page.

Change of all files on homepage

The change becomes serious work when the number of pages becomes page or more 100 when the number of pages is little though changing with the editor and the homepage builder, etc. one by one is also good.

I need not make a change to the full page even if I add the page because I do the menu file in include with SSI and PHP, and when home page design is changed, the necessity for rewriting the full page might be caused.

It very took time to change when becoming any more though I was rewriting the full page by the hand by page about 150. After software named TEXESS is found, it entirely relies on software here.

Substitution of all files by TEXTSS

When such all files are rewritten, TEXTSS of free software is very convenient. It is possible to rewrite it momentarily even when all files in the homepage are changed.

Convenient function of TEXTSS

Notes in TEXTSS

After the backup is taken, it changes.

It might be safer to preserve the backup file separately though the backup function is attached to TEXTSS. All file writing return operation from the BAK file is serious.

Execute without substituting, before rewrite

After the rewriting operation of no substitution is done to rewriting without fail even when absolutely confident and operation is confirmed, let's do a real rewriting operation. It is likely to fit in an unthinkable pitfall.

It is convenient to make the description of the file the same form with all files.

When the description of each file is slightly different even if it will rewrite it with great pains by lump together about all files, rewriting doesn't live smoothly. It is important that the method of describing the file do all files together.

It is important to write neither a useless changing line nor space.

This goes and rewriting might not go smoothly when the number of changing line and half angle space is different by each file though the display of HTML might put putting changing line to make the source easy to see because it is almost the same and half angle space even if there are a lot of changing line and half angle space in the source or it doesn't exist. It is also important to delete a useless changing line and continuous half angle space with TEXTSS beforehand.

To substitute it, that it is smooth to make it not indent, it is necessary though it is default and an indent of tag (indent) in the homepage builder.

It keeps especially careful at the wild-card substitution.

Unexpected substitution is often generated though the wild-card substitution is very convenient. Executing it after it does away with the problem while confirming individual substitution even if it is troublesome is also important.