About the heading (finding) of homepage (h-tag of HP)

There is often a page that doesn't use heading (h tag) at all when the homepage is inspected. Even if heading is not used at all, it is likely to look similar in externals. However, the structures of sentences are not understood well in the reading out software that a search robot and a visually handicapped person use if there is not heading.

This page is a way that I recommend, and no one forced on the person. It is needless to say to use as I like heading and not caring.

Use heading (h tag)

It is general to visit the homepage looking for the page by the search engine such as Google, yahoos, and MSN. The homepage can be found by the retrieval because of the search robot's sometimes visiting the homepage and searching for the homepage.

At this time, the search robot examines heading, and judges what what is written in the homepage or an important key word. This operation doesn't go well if there is not heading, and the search robot cannot read well.

Make an adequate heading for the above-mentioned reasons when man reads the homepage though it is not a problem so if the one like heading was written in big characters. If it wants a lot of people to see, heading is a very important one for SEO (search engine optimization).

Let's use heading (h tag) in correct order.

It is h tag to show heading on the homepage, and even <h1>-<h6> is six stages. The size and the thickness of the character change into heading enclosed with the tag of <h1>-<h6>. In the character with the largest <h1> tag, <h6> tag is the smallest character. Moreover, changing line enters before and behind the character enclosed by h tag.

The size of the character of heading is CSS (Style Sheet) It is general to use the font size by font-size specifying it.

It is recognized to finding for the time being as heading to the robot by using h tag. However, sequentially using it from a large heading understands and the structures of sentences are understood well.

The importance falls on the most important heading h tag as this number grows by using <h1>. Please use the sentence structure and use assembly <h1>-<h6> well in the correct order.

Because I want to change the size of the character, h tag is not used the change of the size of the character with h tag.

Do not erase the display packing the key word in the h1 tag.

Especially, the h1 tag might receive the penalty and disappear from the retrieval being considered spam when the key word is packed in the h1 tag because it is important and the display is erased with CSS or it displays it small by not seeing.

The h1 tag is very effective in SEO, and useful for the user, that is, correctly use it as heading. Let's stop a makeshift usage.