RSS has been delivered by using Feedburner in an original domain

Doing the feeding delivery by using the RSS feeding recently has spread around the blog. The address of feeding happens and my domain and difference trouble happen though various functions can be used by doing the feeding delivery by using Feedburner and it is convenient, too. The method of changing the feeding address to an original domain was tested.

Problem to which feeding is delivered by using FeedBurner

With FeedBurner The RSS feeding is supported. The ping transmission can be easily done. When the function of the smart feeding that FeedBurner is offering is used, the standard of delivered contents automatically converts it to correspond to all the RSS forms. Moreover, the trouble of the XML file with which the standard is severe can be verified.

Because I was doing the AdSense of Google, it wanted to use AdSense for feeding, and FeedBurner was used.

The address of feeding issued with FeedBurner as follows to link XML files of the RSS feeding on each page when FeedBurner is used is specified in the head tag.

<link rel="alternate" href="****" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" />

When it is this method, the feeding address : It becomes, and a file different from an original domain will be referred to. There is information of becoming trouble because of the Yahoo blog retrieval when this domain is different, too.

It is more certain that SEO doesn't have the problem anyway about the address of not other domains but original domains.

It is FeedBurner and is use of My Brand.

It is being offered free of charge with the my brand by the function that the service of FeedBurner can be used by an original domain. When the my brand is used, the resource (traffic measurement, advertisement, and Style Sheet, etc.) related to feeding seems to be put on an original domain. As a result, the usability improves rapidly.

First of all, a my feeding of FeedBurner is logged in. Next, the my brand is chosen clicking the Maia count of upper right. It sets it according to the procedure written there.

The CNAME entry of each domain name of the DNS record is made.

Because I was making the homepage by the value domain, it set it as follows by the setting of DNS of the value domain. Because CNAME(Canonical Name) is used for forwarding to a domain outside my management.

cname feeds

The instruction of FeedBurner is "feeds CNAME. "However, this order is reversed in the DNS setting of Value-Domain. Moreover, "CNAME" is made "cname" and a small letter. Both seem to be acceptable though "null." might be displayed in the instruction of FeedBurner as follows, "*******.". Do not forget the last dot.

cname feeds *******

The subdomain doesn't care about the setting by one alone even if Feedburner is used either.

A peculiar domain name to feeding is input with My Brand of FeedBurner.

Here only puts "Feeds" in front of Domain as follows. It becomes normal if it does as it is for 2-3 hours even if it is an error. The subdomain doesn't care about the setting here by one alone even if Feedburner is used either. It need not be assumed "****". Such a setting will be corrected without permission later.

It is confirmed that feeding is delivered in a my brand.

In a browser It is confirmed that the address of "****" and an original domain is input, and the same one as feeding past FeedBurner is displayed. The part of "****" is from "/" in the feeding address issued from FeedBurner to the part in the back. Of course, because feeding is delivered, the trouble is not multiplied by a past feeding reader in a past feeding address either.

XML files of the RSS feeding are linked on each page.

This is changed to the feeding address of an original domain as follows though the address of feeding issued with FeedBurner was specified in the head tag to link XML files of the RSS feeding on each page so far.

<link rel="alternate" href="****" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" />

Change point when feeding ticker is used

Information in five latest articles can be displayed by using feeding ticker on the homepage. The registered blog and the latest article on the homepage are displayed with GIF animation.

The change point in this case is done as well as the above-mentioned address change. Linked Websites of feeding ticker in a word as follows From "****" It changes to "****".

<a href="****"><img src="****.*.gif" alt="" /></a>

Feed redirect when original feeding has been opened to the public

When the original feeding address registered in FeedBurner has been opened to the public, this is redirected to the feeding address of an original domain of a my brand.

It redirects by using htaccess file like the following example. (forward)

redirect 301 /rss.xml****

When an original feeding address has not been opened to the public, anything need not be done. Updated information cannot be received because Ping is not done in the original feeding address if it opens it to the public.

Method of not becoming long URL even in case of being by way of FeedBunner (Method of solving foundation)

When it accesses the homepage by way of FeedBurner, a long character string "Henceforth ?utm_source=feedburner& abbreviation" has been automatically added to the end of URL. A temporary modeling becomes by this address and is registered by the retrieval, is marked the book, is introduced as an external link by someone, and becomes a wrong thing also on SEO.

It is registered with URL different from URL expected in a word. The method of bringing this together at one address also includes the method of the access to URL that removes "?utm_source=feedburner&*****" when accessing it by using htaccess as follows by way of FeedBurner.

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} utm_source=
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /$1? [R,L]

The FeedBunner passing:Method of solving the foundation that doesn't become a long address.

However, there was a smarter, better method. It is, and it becomes a short address originally and it is not in it about the screen of the total of the report of FeedBurner at all when nether FeedBurner Stutz is clicked most if this check is removed the problem.

There is not a problem because it can total this long address also with FeedBurner in an original, short address in the necessary one one when analyzing it with Google Analytics even if the check is removed either.