How to use text character on homepage (HP)

I might be embarrassed because there are the one being not able to read that the text character is very small and inspecting the homepage not a magnifying glass and the one with a not revokable size of the character. The size of the character has changed line during sentences even if it is unquestionable, and there is a page not at all read easily either. Moreover, changing line is put on every other line, and there is line how many something with changing line on the way of sentences.

As other homepages not read easily, all the text characters are written by centering (centering) and the one very hard to see.

It is information on the character that it is the most important in the homepage. I think that it is important to pass on information on the character very legibly and plainly.

This page is the one that I recommend it, and no compelled one. There is no what is used as I like character and not cared about up to saying.

Size of text character

The size of the character is made an inside.

When it is not easy to read because the character on the homepage is small, it is necessary to display the character greatly separately and to see. All the people can not necessarily read a small character. The size of the character is made (Medium) while all the people are legible.

Moreover, there is a page that collapses further when the size of the character is enlarged the design and cannot be read. Let's make the page that can be read even if the size of the character is maximized.

The size of the character specifies relativity.

The size doesn't change even if the size of the printing character is changed if the size of the text character is absolutely specified by point (pt), millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), and inch (in), etc.It is very inconvenient for the person who sees. If the text is used by the menu etc. instead of the image, I absolutely think specification to be acceptable.

The user cannot change the size of the character when specifying it with px pixel (px) is relativity to specify.

Specify relativity for a size of the character used on the homepage by using em, ex, %, xx-large, x-large, large, medium, small, x-small, and xx-small. The person who sees is freely changed if it does so and it is convenient.

How to use of changing line.

It doesn't change line during the context.

Is it displayed in a just good condition in my personal computer, and there is often a page to which it sometimes changes line during the context. Let's stop changing line during the context because it is very hard to see in other personal computers with different environment.

It might become difficult to read because the e-mail software puts changing line without permission if not moderately changing line during the context in the e-mail software. Let's make changing line drink in the paragraph the former because there is usually not this on the homepage, and indent in the sentence beginning after the paragraph. Or, let's set indent with Style Sheet.

The blank line is not put on every other line.

There is a page in which only it changes line similarly at intervals of the line and the blank line has been inserted. It is necessary to multiply two length scrolls because it becomes a page that drags on if the character is enlarged and seen and it becomes a page very hard to see. A lot in the page with a small character. seem

Let's specify to expand the interlinear space whether to enlarge the character. With Style Sheet It specifies it like line-height: 130%.

Lines of the blank line how many are not continuously put.

Because this is not used easily, let's stop it though lines of the blank line how many are put on the way of sentences, and there is a page to assume the length scroll to be long.

Positional of character arrangement

Long sentences are written by the left justification.

It becomes sentences not at all read easily if long sentences are centered and it writes. It is not what the sentence beginning was able to go there, to come here, and to be read very much. Let's indent the sentence beginning, and make it to the left justification. In short, writing just like the book marketed in general becomes legible sentences.

Space is not used for a positional arrangement of the character.

There is sometimes a page drawn in space to draw the head of the character right. And, there is often a page to which changing line is put on the way of sentences and the character arrangement is done.

Even if this is displayed well in my personal computer, it is likely not to see easily very much with other personal computers. Let's stop doing a positional arrangement in space. Let's set the indent with Style Sheet at such time.