How to make PC mobile two-way site

The number of those who visit the homepage (PC page) for the standard PC by mobility (cellular phone) has increased. There is a page not at all seen either in the inside though the performance of the cellular phone goes up, and most pages are displayed unquestionably. It thought about how to make on mobile PC two-way page.

Seeing the page for usual PC with the cellular phone (mobility)

CSS (Style Sheet) becomes invalid if the page for usual PC is seen with a recent cellular phone, and the page is displayed in description the order. Moreover, because Javascript becomes invalid in the cellular phone, operation the same as the desire is not generally done in the page that uses Javascript (JavaScript).

PC mobile two-way page can be made by taking this in the inverted hand. To become a mobile PC both correspondence page (site), let's change.

Making PC mobile two-way page

Because Style Sheet and the JavaScript cannot be used in a usual cellular phone, the one to want to display on a mobile page is previously written though there is no problem if the cellular phone of the full browser goes out completely. As for this, because it is an important thing, I have originally thought SEO also for a lot of people who have executed it to exist.

First of all, let's see the homepage with the cellular phone. If a wrong point is solved little by little one by one, mobile PC two-way can be made a page. If the cellular phone simulator is used, the person who cannot see the homepage with the cellular phone can be seen on the personal computer. (i-mode HTML Simulator II etc.)

Design of PC mobile two-way page

Mobile PC two-way cannot be made a page well according to the design of the page though the problem of the frame and the problem in the table are described later. I think that you should make to the steps class page by using CSS, and describe contents (content of the page) previously.

It is rewritten that the CSS file can be used also for a mobile page.

In a recent cellular phone, there seems to be the one displayed reading external CSS file, too. My homepage was actually seen with i-mode of FORMA. It was displayed reading external CSS. However, margin set to the main part became invalid, and a sidebar and the main part were displayed coming in succession.

Then, even if "@media handheld{ }" was added partially of the CSS file, and it was mobile, it neatly displayed it.

@media handheld{
#side {width:160px;position:relative;top:5px;left:5px;border:1px solid #888;text-align:center;line-height:1.0}
a:link {color:#00f}
a:visited {color:#60c}
a:focus {color:red}

The "position:absolute" of "#side" was rewritten in "position:relative" as stated above. Then, the side part is arranged after the main. The side part was able to be prevented being displayed by this coming in succession in the main part.

Moreover, because "a:hover" of CSS was not applied by mobility, "a:focus" for mobility was described. "A:link" and "a:visited" are also necessary for this order.

Problem of frame on mobile PC two-way page

Because the cellular phone doesn't correspond to the frame page, it is not possible to usually display it in the cellular phone. However, it is also possible to make them display it if it devises it.

I make the menu displayed in the noframes tag for the cellular phone of the frame uncorrespondence as follows.

<frameset cols="20%,*">
<frame src="menu.php">
<frame src="contents.htm">
<a href="menu.htm">Menu</a>

Problem of table design on mobile PC two-way page

In the page designed in the table, neither the image nor sentences in the table (table and TABLE) might be displayed well. My being confirmed is the best. You will not design as much as possible in the table.

Displays only with the cellular phone

It doesn't occasionally want to display mobile PC two-way only in the cellular phone for the page, and to display it in the personal computer. A mobile, special advertisement of the optimism affiliate corresponds to this.

It is displayed in the cellular phone to which Style Sheet is invalid without being displayed in the personal computer if it is assumed display:none in this case with Style Sheet (CSS). However, this technique should be stopped in the point of SEO.

<div style="display:none">
<p>This is displayed in the cellular phone to which Style Sheet is invalid.</p>

Displays only with PC

Oppositely, to make only the personal computer display it without displaying it in the cellular phone, it describes it with Javascript (JavaScript).

Is it HTML or XHTML?

The language that describes the page has "XHTML Basic 1.0" and "XHTML Mobile Profile 1.0" as XHTML for the mobile device by HTML and XHTML though is the problem. Former language is XHTML 1.0.

You might not worry so much and describe it with XHTML 1.0 because it can display it well by correcting it on the browser side to some degree even if the description not to apply to the grammar of XHTML is done.

Is it PHP or SSI?

If the Google AdSense for the following cellular phones is used, you will use PHP. Because the Google AdSense for mobility was displayed, both pages described by SSI might be acceptable.

Google AdSense for cellular phone

The Google AdSense for the cellular phone is usually described with PHP. (any of PHP, CGI/Perl, JSP, and ASP)The extension is made php or the extension describes that PHP operates html in the htaccess file. Naturally, if it is not a server that can use PHP, the Google AdSense for the cellular phone cannot be displayed.

It is noted to be able to put the Google AdSense for mobility only by one per every page. Moreover, please note that a double advertisement is put up only at the bottom of a page.

It is convenient to take the external file of the Google AdSense by the include function of PHP.

What is PHP does execute the script described in the HTML document by PHP of the server, and as a result It is the one passed to Web a browser as HTML data.

To call external file ( of the Google AdSense that exists in the same folder in the PHP file (The extension is usual php), as follows is done.

<?php include(""); ?>

Any extension of the file that does include is good of inc, htm, html, and php.