Text link menu

An easy text link is general to make the link. However, because the image link makes a fine show, it is seen well in the page of the enterprise. It is troublesome to make the image link to use the image. Moreover, the size of the file grows as for the image. The number of files increases. An alternative text is necessary. I do not think that there is goodness besides the appearance.

Text link and image link

When the text link is compared with the image link, the feature of the text link :

It is only a good thing. I am making the use of the text link chiefly a creed. The text link collapses when the size of the character is changed the display, and if it dares to say the fault of the text link, is hard to design. However, this comes for the display not to collapse if the size of the character is absolutely specified.

Color of standard text link

Setting it to a standard color doesn't think the color of the text link may be puzzled of the visitor though anything can be set. Generally, they are the following colors.

Link of unvisits(a tag) Blue
Link that has been visited(a:visited) Purple
When the cursor gets on the link(a:hover) Red

Moreover, it is general that the link has the underline. Let's set the under line (underline) as much as possible. The homepage of the excitement is a setting of this street.

I am setting the underline. It is made easily to set BGCOLOR at hover and to use.

Parts of the blank in the back and forth are linked by the text link menu.

It is not possible to usually link even if it clicks by the text link menu excluding the text. However, it introduces it because it made it to good though the method of achieving the methods that can be linked even in the blank part in the table only with HTML was devised.

The JavaScript might see the introduction example. The size of file grows by all means in JavaScript, and it doesn't go well in a browser that doesn't correspond to JavaScript.

It explains by the following example.

 Link used for the text menu (for example) 
1.Usual link example

This "1" is a usual link, and the blank parts in the table have not been linked. "2" is a link where it wants to achieve me. The parts of the blank in the back and forth have been linked. It is possible to achieve it only with HTML easily.

External style sheet (style.css) is used for me. The reason is "I want to do the effort to reduce the size of the HTML file as much as possible at the same time as uniting the designs of each page with an external style sheet." as written in top page.

The part that relates to the link in Style Sheet

a {font-weight: bold}
a:link {color: #0000ff; background-color: #ffeedd; position:relative}
a:visited {color: #6600cc; background-color: #eeeedd; position:relative}
a:hover {color: #ff0000; background-color: #ddffff; text-decoration: none;
a:active {background-color: #eeff99; text-decoration: none}
.menu_b a {font-size: 13pt; display:block; text-align: center}

It becomes it like this. It sets in class by the nether line and the block element etc. are set to the menu with the context selector as the size of the character used.

Moreover, HTML in the above-mentioned link part is as follows.

<table border="1" class="cent_td">
<th>Link used for text menu example</th>
<td><a href="http://">1.Usual link example</a></td>
<td class="menu"><a href="http://">2.Link example I want to achieve</a></td>

It uses it in the block element like this. It is likely to be able to achieve it easily.

Method of not allowing them to change line during link

Might it change line during the link when the text link is sideways arranged to the row by the menu etc. and it be hard to see. No lap (nowrap) is specified for white space (white-space) with Style Sheet (CSS) as follows to prevent this.

a {white-space: nowrap;}

The length of one link is not so lengthened.