Method of access improvement to homepage (HP)

Even if the homepage is made with great pains, nobody doesn't have the significance of existence not being possible to see. However, nobody can see only in putting it on the web server making the homepage.

Nobody saw too much first though I had passed years how many since the homepage was made. The homepage is inspected 4,000-5,000 times a day now. I think that the access is a lot of one compared with an average page. The percentage of those who can come by the retrieval is 80 percent or more according to the access analysis. Being displayed in the high rank by the search engine is very important in the access improvement. I want to describe how I can increase the access from my experience.

This page is a way that I recommend, and no one forced on others. It is needless to say to may freely make the homepage by you.

Internal link and external link

It is general to visit the homepage looking for the page of hope by the search engine such as Google, yahoos, and MSN. The homepage can be found by the retrieval because of the search robot's sometimes visiting the homepage and searching for the homepage.

The search robot comes to the page tracing the link somewhere. Then, the search robot doesn't understand the existence as for the page without the link at all either. It is needless to say to link in the homepage of the menu etc. necessary.

The link outside the homepage is also very important. For instance, the search robot doesn't understand the existence of the homepage first when there is no link outside the homepage at all either.

The content of the page is the most important.

I do not think that everyone wants to see when the content is a trivial content even if the homepage is made. It will be never thought that it wants to come even if visiting by the retrieval. The content of the homepage is still needless to say to there should abundantly be information that knows by you.

Moreover, the content of the page should be original information made for myself. When others' pages are copied and made, it breaks the law to provide for the copyright. If AdSense is put on the page that violates copyright, Google becomes the violation of the guideline.

When the content of the homepage has been enhanced, various people occasionally put the link without permission. In a word, even if nothing is done when there was such a good page, it is possible to introduce it.

It comes to rank high fast by the retrieval in the synergy effect of the good thing when becoming it like this. In addition, displaying it by the retrievals most up in enhancing the page is not a dream.

The amounts of sentences (number of characters) on page 1 are also important.

What is written when the amount (number of characters) in one page of the homepage is too large where or it has a hard time though it looks for though it doesn't know. It is not significant to be long and not to be able to expect the scroll and no search even if visiting by the retrieval with great pains.

Moreover, there is no meaning made one page even if the content is too few. I think that about 2,000 - 10,000 characters-characters are good though it depends on the amount in the photograph and the drawing.

About search engine optimization (SEO)

It is also more important in the search engine to read the page well than not to do anything. In a word, please refer to notes of how to make on a general homepage as I am describing on the homepage.

Description in META tag in head tag

It can explain the content of the homepage with the META tag in the head tag. It can be reflected in the retrieval result by adequately writing the content of the page though the problem is not in this even in case of not being. It explains the content of the page by ***** as follows.

<meta name="description" content="*****" />

Keywords in META tag in head tag

The key word for home page search can be specified with the META tag in the head tag. It can be reflected in the retrieval result by adequately specifying the key word on the page though there is no problem even if this is not either. It delimits as follows by the normal-width comma and two or more pieces are specified.

<meta name="keywords" content="Key-word1,key-word2,key-word3" />

As for the key word, it is not the one that it only has to be a lot of, and the meaning of the key word disappears when it is too a lot of. It is said that doing from several to 10 pieces is more effective.

The key word is sprinkled suitably in the text and it is usually effective to write sentences. want to write the key word by all meansIt is not good to enumerate the key word in the text either.

About the title and heading

The page that explains them is separately made about the title and heading and refer to that, please.

Navigation on each page (menu)

Other pages cannot be seen there even if coming to the page by the retrieval because there is often no menu in each page on the page that uses the frame. It is also important to put the navigation that returns in the top as the menu is put on each page. An internal link increases by the thing done so, too.

An important thing is previously written.

Moreover, when the homepage is usually made, describing it from the left on the page is usual on the page. It is the one that doesn't necessarily become like that though there only haves to be an important matter on the left on the page in a word.

The content of the homepage is previously written from an important thing, and writing of a thing not important in the back is more effective in respect of SEO. In a word, because neither this menu nor the advertisement are so important for the content of the page, it is possible to bring it behind the page with Style Sheet (CSS) though the menu and the advertisement might be brought to the left. I also am making it like that.

Please see the page of "Steps class layout" in detail.

The site map for the search robot is made.

It is effective also in the person where site map (sitemap.htm) visited the homepage and effective in the search robot though is effective. Moreover, to the root directory on the homepage especially Is it sitemap.txt When the text file named sitemap.xml is put, it is effective in the search robot.

Sitemap.txt to enumerate by the line and is writing of the address of the file that it wants the robot in the homepage to read (address that starts from http).

Sitemap.xml is a file including the following update, the update frequency, and information on the importance on the page etc. besides the address on the page.


It is possible to do by omitting it easily about the following three items in this because it is not indispensable and so not important.


It finally becomes the following when making it only to a at least necessary item of sitemap.xml in a word.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<urlset xmlns="">

A static page is more advantageous than the dynamic page.

The page dynamically changes into the blog though the blog becomes popular recently. Many things as which the content of the article is the same are the combinations of articles and exist. Because such a page understands neither the person nor the search engine easily, it becomes disadvantageous in the retrieval.

Making of one article to one page seems to be still more comprehensible also in the person and the search engine. To display it in the high rank by the retrieval, it should be assumed a static page.

Bad concealment image, concealment page, concealment text, and hidden link for SEO

It might be done that it is bad for SEO without having done thinking it is good for SEO, and knowing. It is assumed to be not good to change the page shown to the user and the page shown to the search robot in Google.

For instance, the access analysis might be done without making width in the length and breadth of the image of the access analysis one pixel (width="1px" height="1px"), and showing it to the user. I do not think that you should do this in SEO.

Moreover, with Style Sheet to show it only to the person who has accessed it with the cellular phone It is set as display:none, and often uses the technique for not showing it to the user of the personal computer. It is safer not to use this in the viewpoint of SEO.

There is a concealment text to keep the same in the background of the color of the character as the size of the character is extremely reduced when giving examples a little more and not to see. It becomes difficult to make the link a dot and a transparent image and for the user to be seen. Other various methods are devised. Anyway, I think that it is correct to cheat the user and the search robot if it is not thought it is good in the point of SEO.

About page rank of Google

Google puts page rank on the homepage. It becomes rank 0 the.. coming outside the rank at first though there seems to be page rank from 0 to 10. Page rank seems to show a popular degree on the page. There seem to be 1 or 2 a lot in individual pages. Three is a greatly popular page. My page became three in April, 2009 page rank of Google and became two.

Page rank of Google goes up when contents (content) on the homepage have been enhanced. Moreover, page rank seems to rise when there are a lot of links on the page with high page rank. Generally, the rank has risen as for a public page such as the country, municipalities, and the schools. Page rank rises when each other can link with such a public page.

However, page rank seems not to be able to judge whether it is a good page only by page rank because the page only of height seems to exist, too when often seeing.

About registration to the search engine

I do not think that I am especially necessary of registration in the search engine such as Yahoo and Google. Especially, I do not think the category registration of the yahoo for the value registered to the point where cost is spent in a business page to exist worth trying though it thinks if registered free of charge. Whether it is registered even if paying a fare is not understood.

It is registered in the search engine automatically, if there are some external links, even if it doesn't register in the search engine.

About the search engine of the Yahoo

I think that the search engine of the yahoo is not necessarily an impartial retrieval order. The yahoo and Google display the page that had been almost displayed in 1st place for years how many and have been displayed only the yahoo 80th place as follows suddenly on the page that I made on a certain day in around 2008. It took months how many to return to the origin.

Moreover, the page of geocities is displayed in the high rank in the retrieval of the yahoo though the page in the rental server has been obviously enhanced when the page as which the content is almost the same is made with geocities of the rental server and the yahoo. It is the one that it wants you to judge it impartially that want to patronize the page of the yahoo though it is understood.

Only the page of the enterprise was previously displayed when retrieving it in the yahoo it was years how many ago, and a usual page was not displayed easily though it was not thought that it was recently. I decided not to use the retrieval of the yahoo since then.

The yahoo is not changed easily though the address of the retrieval is changed at once as for Google when the homepage is moved. How do it become it though the search robot has come frequently?When the page is moved in large quantities in the homepage, the yahoo is hardly corrected though will be completely corrected the retrieval in about one week if it is Google though passes one month or passes two months.

Moreover, the order had fallen sharply in the retrieval of the yahoo when a full page extension was changed from htm to php though there was not a change in Google because 301 moves of it either. It did not return to the origin easily.