Synchronization of the website sub-domain

The subdomain might be synchronized mutually when the homepage is made by using the domain by the rental server and it use it. Moreover, this synchronous release method is cramped though I might want to release synchronization.

Synchronous purpose of subdomain

It uses it with a synchronous setting of the subdomain to share the subdomain mutually and to display either contents. A synchronous origin is displayed without the subdomain name synchronization ahead becomes a short cut link, and contents existing. URL becomes differing from forwarding like called URL.

For instance, when and are set to the subdomain, a synchronous origin is assumed to be, and it assumes to be synchronously ahead, the same page can be displayed even if it accesses or it accesses

This can do similar operation even in the forwarding setting. In a word, what has been accessed can be forwarded to

Release of synchronization of subdomain

After setting the synchronization of the subdomain, I want occasionally to stop it once. However, the release of synchronization is not made quite good. It is necessary to note it especially because all the forwarding origins are deleted when contents of the forwarding site are carelessly deleted with FFFTP. After all, it did not make it to good though I also tried and erred variously.

Even if the file is forwarded deleting everything, and renewing the file of the servers end, the forwarding site is automatically made. If all the settings of the domain web are deleted and one hour or more passes, it might be possible. However, time that the homepage is not seen in this method is too long.

The release of synchronization of the subdomain easily has the safe method besides the above-mentioned method. It is a method of the following settings with CGI. The following scripts are preserved in route (public_html) of the server by a suitable CGI file name like del.cgi. The folder name in the script is assumed to be folder (directory) name of the forwarding site. It makes it to in this example.


Next, it forwards it to the server. The permission of the file (attribute) is set to 700 or 705. And, this CGI file is started. Very, and synchronization should be able to be released well. Please do after downloading the mirroring of the file when you operate the file of the server like this. Take care not disappearing of the file.

Synchronous necessity of subdomain

I do not think that there is especially a necessity for synchronizing the subdomain mutually. Even both because it only has to set forwarding by the subdomain to keep accessible it is presence of www. I think that the evil that erases the file by mistake is larger.