How to make the fast display homepage

There is a homepage where the display is sometimes very slow (It is heavy) when the Net Surfin is done. It is likely to be displayed suddenly without being displayed easily at the end when waiting though the image might be multiused of course and the display be slow. This might put all images and characters in one table.

I hate page with a slow display. The page is quickly shut if not displayed between a few seconds. Therefore, the page that I make makes the speed of the content and the display top priority. It thought good when doing very to make the homepage where the display was fast.

The use of the image is made a minimum requirement.

In the file only of the character (text file), the size on the disk of the file is divisor kilobyte (kB) level and is small. The file of the image usually has 100 ten times-times or more the size compared with it.

When this is displayed as it is, the page becomes very heavy (The display is slow). The image reduces the pixel and the use is made a minimum requirement.

Moreover, display the one that the text (character) can be used like the menu instead of the image in the text.

The size of the file of the image reduces moderately and is used.

The Broad band becomes popular recently and it shifts from dial-up to flet's ISDN from flet's ADSL to the optical fiber. Because the speed of the communication is fast, it tends to make the page that the display is slow (It is heavy) between unconsciously.

In the size of the file, of the image, reducing to 50 at mostkB or less and using it are manners of the homepage creation. It is the one to be adjusted to 20kB or less if it makes it for a dial-up person.

To put a beautiful by all means image, only a necessary person should display the thumbnail image in the homepage and download it. I am uniting the size of the image used on the homepage to about 240X320 pixel.

The size of the file mentioned here is a size of files on a disk, and no width of the displayed image on length and side. It specifies like sometimes displaying only the length and breadth size of as much as one MB image small, and there is the one with a very slow display of the image. Please note it.

Can a table (table) alone is not used.

It is easily used well to use table (TABLE) to achieve the page of the fancy design and the smart layout. The table is not displayed for all contents of the table not to be read.

The homepage is displayed in reading order usually. However, because the layout cannot be decided after all contents are read, it is not possible to display it for the table while reading.

Even if the table is not used at all, the homepage can be made. First of all, let's make the page that doesn't use the table. It is the one that uses the table only to lay it out to be stopped.

Especially, the entire page is not enclosed in the table.

After all content is read when the entire page is enclosed in the table, the page is not displayed. Have you wait for seconds how many and seen the entire page suddenly displayed?

The awful one has the page that bundles the whole to there is only a character in the table. It is basic in the layout of the text to use Style Sheet though it seems that the table was cheaply used to lay out the page.

One table is delimited without enlarging it and used.

If the table above is read, the nether table is read and it is displayed especially because the table is sequentially displayed on when delimiting it as follows on the way when the table is used.

The table on this and the table below are separate.

It is another table though the table above and the table below stick.

It is not necessary to delimit it on the way if it is a size of such a table, and let's suitably delimit and use it for a big table.

HTML is used from Javascript.

Javascript (JavaScript) is convenient and it has come often to be used from can being likely to do the thing that cannot be done in HTML easily. However, the file grows by all means in Javascript than HTML, and the display speed slows. Display the page fast even a little by the use of HTML only with it is possible to be able to achieve it with HTML.

The page is designed with Style Sheet.

The display slows generally if the page is designed by using the table. Moreover, it is the one that the number and the code of tag increase without using Style Sheet (CSS) even if the table is not used if it designs and the display slows by all means. The content of the design and the page must separate, the design of the page must be left to Style Sheet, and the display must become a fast homepage.

The size on the page is made a moderate size.

The page only of the text might see a very big page sometimes. Only even looking for what where you write is serious. The size of one page must become 10-30kB or less.

There is no existing meaning if the homepage is not seen. To be fast to display, and to make the easy-to-read page from a moderate size of the file, let's bear it in mind. By the way, the size on this page is about 6kB before include.

PDF file is not used as much as possible.

The file of the extension named PDF is an electronic filing document developed by the Adobe Systems Co. and a standard that is appropriate for the print. It is a file that Adobe Acrobat generated, and the image, the table, and the character string are one files.

As for Acrobat Reader to read this document, they are made to be very slow to operate and to get irritated because it reads a large amount of plug-in (embedded software) when starting. PDF is used well to file document because it is easy. I want you to make the page by HTML or the text in the same content.

It takes time to inspection because PDF file cannot retrieve the character string in the file. The thing for which a horizontal scroll is necessary is inconvenient and a lot of operations are inconvenient when expanding probably because of the file that is appropriate for the print.