About the title of homepage (HP)

There is sometimes a page that nothing is written in the title (title tag) when the homepage is inspected. Anything doesn't change when man sees the page even if the title tag is not used at all. However, the title is not put on the page without the title, the title of the page displayed on the retrieval page becomes blank, and the search engine puts the title without permission if it sees from the search robot.

This page is a way that I recommend, and no one forced on others. It is free whether to use the title or not to use it.

Use the title (title tag)

It is general to visit the homepage looking for the page by the search engine such as Google, yahoos, and MSN. The homepage can be found by the retrieval because of the search robot's sometimes visiting the homepage and searching for the homepage.

At this time, the search robot examines the content and finding the title tag, and judges what what is written in the homepage or an important key word. This operation doesn't go well if there is no title, and the search robot cannot read well.

An adequate title must be made in the title tag for the above-mentioned reasons even at the blank though no problem so if you wrote the one that finds or belongs to it when man reads the homepage. If it wants a lot of people to see, the title is very important for SEO (search engine optimization).

Do not forget to change the title

There is often a case that changes an existing page when a new page is made on the homepage and makes it. At this time, the change in the title might be forgotten and another title become remaining adhering. In this case, the title is not corresponding to the content of the page, and a different title is displayed as for the retrieval page.

Then, this page might not be able to be clicked by considering the page of a quite different content for the person who saw the retrieval page. Make it to an adequate title name to avoid such a thing.

The number of characters of titles (title tag) is made moderate.

The title (title tag) becomes the title of the linked page with the retrieval screen. This title need not be especially shortened. It seems to be displayed that the retrieval screen is seen up to about 60 characters.

Because the display can tune off when it is too long, the number of title characters is made moderate. It is a miso to display the content of the page adequately.

Let's put an adequate title on the page besides the title (title tag)

Even if the title tag is neatly used on the homepage, let's separately name page adequate name (title) by finding (h1 tag etc.). The title tag is chiefly a search engine, and page name by finding is necessary for the search engine and man.

I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that the homepage will be chiefly composed of the title (title tag), finding (h tag, h1-h6), and the texts (p tag and paragraph).