Production of width 5.4 inch liquid crystal monitor

Because "The width 5.4 inch RGB liquid crystal monitor" Electronic commerce and "From Video to RGB converter unit" are combined, and LCD monitor was completed, it introduces the point etc. and devised by production.

Manufacturing method

This LCD monitor thinks that it cannot be putting it on the market even by Electronic commerce in what has been fairly produced ahead now.

Completed photograph

Completed photograph(front side) Completed photograph(back side)

It is a monitor of the width 5.4 inches of making by oneself. The output cost was about 6000 yen. It made it to the monitor of the skeleton with the acrylic sheet. This liquid crystal might be quite reflected though the image where the afterimage moves long and too much intensely is hard to see beautifully.

Material to produce it

Width 5.4 inch RGB liquid crystal monitor
Video →RGB converter unit
12V1A AC adaptor
Three points are bundled to the kit above.
Rotary switch for power supply
Three point of contact on the road (I used the junk of four points of contact on the road.)
Two ream variable resistor of 10kΩ A curve
This is a junk.
Small speaker
8-16Ω I used the junk of 20Ω.
RCA pin Jack
Use for audio.
Acrylic board
lead wire   solder   switches

Notes of production and devised things

First of all, RGB converter unit is installed in the monitor final product with two machine screws. Because strength is insufficient only in two places, it stops it to the main body devising another place.

The part etc. remodeled according to the manual are changed.

Three terminal regulator IC of 5V is soldered directly with the substrate. IC was fixed directly to the place with nothing of the substrate, too with the adhesive. The capacitor for the oscillation prevention was not installed.

To operate by 7V in consideration of longevity, brightness, and the image quality, the resistance of 18Ω2W is connected with the series in the power supply though the power supply for the backlight is written operation by 6V-12V. It soldered directly with the place of the DC plug. The DC plug is often radiated.

When it is possible to do to a suitable point, the acrylic sheet is cut, it assembles with the adhesive for the acrylic fiber, and the case is made. Half the back of the monitor is enclosed with an acrylic case. It stops it with the main body with the tap machine screw of 3mm or 4mm.

The variable resistor of two reams of A curve of 10kΩ was used for the volume adjustment and the adjustment of brightness. A suitable place is punctured as shown in the photograph. The speaker is installed in an acrylic case. An enough volume was obtained even with a small speaker. Because IC of the voice is small, large one thinks the impedance of the speaker to be unquestionable from the problem of generation of heat. I thought that A curve was better of brightness.

The power switch is a thing of three points of contact on the road twice, and only turning off, turning on, and the backlight are   three stages of OFF. As a result, to hear only the sound, the backlight can be erased. It is at the point that can do such a thing where making by oneself is good. If these kind of things are not done, the toggle switch of one point of contact on the road is OK once.

The signal of the video and audio uses old VTR that the mechanism part breaks. It is the best for such a usage.

Additionally, please refer to the photograph for details.