Production of current expansion of clamp meter

Expansion of the clamp current measurement instruments are commercially available. I made this to make it very simple.

Expansion of the current measurement clamp fixtures

Vinyl cable as pictured (1.25mmSQ or 2.0mmSQ) prepared to make. Coil of wire wound round just 10 times. Tied up in tape or twist tie to fall apart and give it a plug and cord connector.

When measured in current clamp can measure only one grab the wire and current. Grabbed a bunch of wires 10, it will be measured 10 times. Can be measured accurately with the current expansion.

For example, 100V40W you want to measure the current bulbs, as it is measured with clamp, 0.4A will. 10A full scale so you can work only a few needles in the range of measurement. However, the fixture can be used to expand this current is measured 10 times. That tells 4A. If the current is small means that you can accurately measure the current.

As this method is used to bundle wires, may be a problem of heat from the wires. If the measurement time is short, I do not think this problem is. When measured over a long time,Use a sufficient thickness wire.