Remodeling of the track with the accordion hood

It is very convenient, and there might be electric appliance shop who comes hesitatingly in the thing not being put for the one with high backs such as things and refrigerators where two ream ladder is not put etc. without getting wet at rain when the hood is put up to the light truck, too.

Attach the hood accordion style, punch a hole through which the ladder it

I remodeled the hood of the accordion type (accordion type), and solved these faults. Driving when backing comes not to do easily. It is the becoming it one though manages not to back as much as possible. It is very convenient.

The hole that two ream ladder passes on the adversity of the accordion hood is made as shown in this photograph.

The subsidy tool of iron to have shape like the torii makes the ladder come up soon.

Surroundings of the hole are reinforced by wood.

The hinge is installed in the lid so that the cap of the made hole splashes up and it is raised reinforcing surroundings of the hole by the tree.

The door closes in the self-respect if the ladder is taken. When something is noisily heard, the door thinks that you should pull the door with rubber and the spring, etc. while running.

The wire and the rope are used to fix ladder.

It is very easy to fix the ladder to the car. The wire of Φ2.0mm is passed through the step of the ladder and it is hung it on the hook in the track back.

It is not likely not to move ahead and back by this and to come off. The wire is made completely double by way of precaution. In addition, please fix the rope etc. besides this for safety. Especially, safely primal when running in long distance, please.

When you load the refrigerator

When the refrigerator is piled up, the accordion hood is shortened to previous. It is possible to load it well though the hood bulges a little sideways. Two refrigerators can load it if it piles up well.

The application of the rope was made from wood without roping the refrigerator packed with the corrugated cardboard as shown in this photograph directly. Otherwise, the rope digs into to the corrugated cardboard.

ladder and the refrigerator can be piled up at the same time if it piles up well.