Structure and feature of pressure tank type pump

There are a pressure tank type and an accumulator type in the pump of the well. The pressure tank type was a main current so far. This method has been taken to still a lot of models.

Structure of pressure tank type shallow well pump

Structure of pressure tank type shallow well pump

This figure shows the structure of the pressure tank type well pump. The well water that came from the well through the inhalation pipe enters the pump from the inlet through backwater valve.

As for the form of the pump, the cascade pump which is a kind of a centrifugal pump is used well with non-capacity pump. The cascade pump obtains the high pressure by the centrifugal force while high-speed rotating the disk for which a lot of detailed ditches are radially carved around the casing, and making the liquid by almost one rotation. It is suitable for the pump of the high pressure in small flowing quantity.

The well water compressed with the pump enters the pressure tank. There is air in the pressure tank, and the exhalation pressure of the well pump is secured by compressing this air with water, and water among is supplied until the pump starts as follows while the pump is stopping. The interval of the pump of uptime becomes long large this tank.

The point of contact of the pressure switch is liberated when becoming it more than there is pressure in the pressure tank it is constant, and the motor of the well pump stops. Moreover, the point of contact of the pressure switch shuts and the motor turns when the pressure of the pressure tank falls.

Air melts to water little by little when the pump is used, and air in the pressure tank decreases to the method that there is air in the water tank (pressure tank type) gradually. Therefore, an automatic breather has adhered though it doesn't write in this figure.

Reason why air is necessary for pressure tank

The reason why air is necessary for the pressure tank of the pressure tank type shallow well pump is understood if it thinks about the case where there is only water in the pressure tank.

The liquid has the character that the volume doesn't change even if pressure is generally applied. Therefore, pressure goes up at once even if pressure is applied in the tank only of water. Moreover, pressure decreases at once when water is turned on from the faucet even a little.

When pressure goes up, a lot of water can be saved in the tank because the volume changes into the gas like air according to pressure when there is air in the pressure tank. Pressure can push water out by gradually falling by using water from the faucet while the pump even is stopping.

Fault of pressure tank type well pump

The pump grows because the pressure tank and the breather are necessary for the pressure tank type well pump and it becomes complex. Moreover, because water and air always touch, water might be polluted by minute garbage and the bacillus in air.

Breakdown and repair of automatic breather

In the well pump of the pressure tank type, the well pump might come to move and to stop frequently. In this case, it is mostly a breakdown of an automatic breather. In a word, the exhalation pressure falls at once even if air in the pressure tank decreases, and water comes out from the faucet a little, and the pump starts.

Pressure in the pressure tank goes up at once and the pump stops because air in the pressure tank is a little even if the pump starts. In a word, the pump comes frequently to repeat the start and the stop.

Most causes are understood though the breakdown of an automatic breather is variously thought if it resolves it. There seem to be a lot of breakdowns of blocking in the piping pipe of an automatic breather with something, and the leakage of water from an automatic breather and worth. When rubber of the diaphragm of an automatic breather tears, air enters here, and the pump cannot be pumped at all.

As for the breakdown of an automatic breather, the well pump frequently moves and stops again when an automatic breather breaks down how many straight but days it if the water of the pump is pulled out once, the calling water is put in, and the pump is started again though seems temporarily to have been repaired of trouble.

Breakdown and repair of backwater valve

The water of the pump might return to the well as water doesn't go up when backwater valve breaks down. Please clean the inside of backwater valve well. When the gasket is transformed, backwater valve is exchanged. Water doesn't go up at all when backwater valve clings. It is a breakdown often found in the pump not used for a long time.

Breakdown and repair of pressure switch

The dust and the ant might go into the point of contact of the pressure switch and conduction defect be disturbed. Moreover, the point of contact might get rough by the current and be clinging of defective conduction defect and the point of contact. The symptom comes for the motor not to turn or nor for the motor to stop. To repair, the removal of the dust and the pressure switch are exchanged.

Operation of protector and minimum flow recirculation system

The protector and the minimum flow recirculation system operate by the overcurrent when the dust such as sand is bitten, it crowds, the mechanical seal clings to the pump, and the motor stops. After doing measures such as removing the dust, the one that doesn't return automatically pushes the return button.