About the science and the application

I think that I am to apply the science. I think that it is understood not to understand as doing only in paper, the pencil, and the head to study the science easily. It can often be easily understood that it experiments or it thinks by tying to the one of the real life. I want to describe the thing that I always thought about a science and an actual application.

About the study of the science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, living thing, and physical geography, etc.)

It thinks by tying to the actual one.

For instance, it thinks about the pump and water service in the well. All almost the people are sure to be learning the pressure of the atmospheric pressure and water at the time of the science of the junior high school. Then, can the following problem be solved?

  1. The well is here and it is assumed that this water is sucked up with the pump. If how many up to meters be the depth to the surface of the water from the ground to the well, can you suck up?
  2. The building of four stories is here and water is supplied in water service. There is about 10m height from the ground. Is the hydraulic pressure of the water service measured on the ground necessary ..more than very much..?

This problem is to leave junior high school by the person, everyone is sure to be able to do. Please do not say forgetting already because of fairly the previous state it.

An elderly person should have learnt that the atmospheric pressure had the pressure of 1,013 millibars (about 1kg/cm2). Do you learn now about 100kPa or 1,013hPa ? No do be known whether forgetting if this was remembered as it was is also natural.

I do not think that I forget the atmospheric pressure maybe when remembering like the water column about 10m pressure and the same, etc. of this. If the water of 1kg is converted into the water column of bottom product 1cm2 in a word, it becomes about 10m.

The above-mentioned problem can be solved if coming here. The answer of the problem of one is theoretically in a word about 10m. In the problem of two, theoretical is the atmospheric pressure plus 1 atmosphere.

The problem that is brought up here is remembered together, too or it never forgets by another life if it understands once. Everyone is sure to come to like it as the science is easy if it relates to life actual as for what like this and it remembers. And, it is possible to use it in daily life.

By the way, the water of usual water service is supplied by the hydraulic pressure of about 300kPa-700kPa. Well, can water be turned on up to how many meters of height? This is also easy. It is 30-70m. Know this as common sense.

Intuition is more important to remember the formula.

The formula often comes out in physics. A person not good at physics tries to remember the formula hard. I am having the formula not remembered as much as possible. The remembered formula is after a while forgotten.

It drives it in from it to the body what it whether is intuition and. It is electricity and it always thinks what character you exist by not massaging it. First of all, it is thought what operation you do in such a circuit.

I think that official is the one using it to calculate an accurate value after it understands how to become it because of intuition. If the book is seen even if it forgets, this is written. I think that I need not remember. The more natural rapidity of remembering comes to the formula often used. I think that I only have to remember only a basic formula if it remembers.

I might be asked by the student though am the experience of teaching the analog electronic circuit at the school, "How does official of that become it?"It always answers , saying that "Because the remembered formula is forgotten soon, official only has not to remember, and to understand what thing it is though you may teach the formula".

About crisis-management skills

Crisis-management skills improve when it can be actually applied to have learnt by the science. For instance, two cassette stoves are displayed, the iron plate is put up, roast meat etc. are done, and there is often an accident to which the gas cylinder explodes. It is sure to be learnt that this is dangerous in the junior high school.

Moreover, a similar case is sure to be frequently reported with broadcasting and the newspaper, and to know danger to all almost the people. A similar accident doesn't discontinue yet. There is a saying way only when the ability to apply the science to an individual person is lacked. I think that there is a problem in how (education method) in the school to teach the science.

Who put the issue to the light vehicle diesel

Has recently increased self-gas station, put a light vehicle diesel fuel, but they become more and more people unable to travel in the middle. What's mistake and say why, "I thought it was just taken in the light vehicle diesel fuel" is that there are people who say that. Nothing more and more people think and say and think about how far to live, I was stunned.

If you drive, what fuels your car, what kind of engine, as knows it is only natural. In driving school, when you take a license, you should have studied the structure of the car. Study this is not just to take the license. Because it is required to drive a car. "I do not like this is a good liberal arts," saying they would not.

About the book on "Message from water"

Recent "Message from Water" seems to have taught in elementary school they sold the contents of the book. "Message from Water" is a collection of photos of water crystals, Emoto Masaru's work is.

When water that talks to, and puts paper that writes the character on the container is crystallized, the shape of the crystal is influenced from water according to the content of the word as for the word. The social influence greatly becomes a problem as the quotation of such an unscientific thing and use to the moral instruction in the elementary school, etc.

Beautiful flower can crystallize if words of good meanings such as "Thank you" and "Peace" are put when the crystal is made in a word, and it is possible to crystallize the uncleanliness when bad words such as "Fool and wax" and "War" are put.

This reason need not be clearly described. If this was not understood, you might not have studied crunching the science by yourself.

It is a surprise of me because it does. spoke to the child by this teacher at the elementary schoolIn a word, the teacher also believes this. Only such a teacher thinks that reeducating is necessary.