Accident of nuclear plant and radioactivity

An important nuclear accident occurred with "Tohoku Kanto Great Earthquake" on March 11, 2011 in the first nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan. There was information that you should leak the radioactive substance, and save it in 30km or more in the radius. The coping process at the nuclear accident was easily brought together.

Method of nuclear accident and save

When the nuclear accident occurs, the risk of the radioactivity is different depending on the distance from the nuclear power plant. The amount of the radioactivity material is in inverse proportion to the second power of the distance from the point of the accident. The risk becomes 1/4 if running away to twice the distance. Anyway, running away far away is the best.

Do not hit the rain when it is raining at the nuclear accident. In that case, never go out. Moreover, it is necessary to note the wind, too.

So as not to expose the skin, clothes when saving it stick one's cap on one's head with the long sleeve and long trousers. The mask is done or the mouth and the nose are covered with the wet towel etc. , and the radioactive substance is not taken to the inside of the body.

When it might be polluted with outdoor by the radioactivity, everything is taken off, and it washes or worn what is put in the plastic bag. Afterwards, what adheres to the body in the shower is flushed.

The main radioactive substance discharged due to accident of nuclear power plant

In the nuclear plant, uranium 235 and the atomic nucleus of plutonium 239 are taken out and energy has been taken out by the nuclear fission reaction. Former uranium 235 and the atomic nucleus of plutonium 239 become corpuscles by nuclear fission. On these corpuscles, radiation levels are very high.

Krypton 85 and xenon 133

The majority is discharged into an atmospheric inside at the normal temperature at the accident because it is a radioactive substance of a heavy gas. The half - life of xenon 133 is short on about the fifth though the half - life of krypton 85 is comparatively long in 'about 11. It doesn't become a problem so much until the future though it becomes a problem immediately after the accident because it diffuses at once.

Iodine 131

It is a material discharged easily in the nuclear accident because the iodine is a gas at about 180℃ or more. The iodine that exists naturally is the radioactivity, and steady iodine 127.

The iodine is an indispensable trace element to the human body, exists in the thyroid of the throat, and works as a growth hormone. When iodine 131 of the radioactivity is taken into the human body, it is collected in the thyroid as well as iodine 127.

The half - life of iodine 131 is comparatively short and about 8 days. It will hardly remain in several months. However, the thyroid might cause the thyroid cancer bathing in the radiation between those.

Cesium 137

It is a material discharged easily in the nuclear accident as well as the iodine because the cesium is a gas at about 680℃ or more. As for cesium 137, the half - life cannot be disregarded in about 30 years compared with person's longevity.

Moreover, because the cesium is united easily with the particle of the soil, it is included in the soil for a long term and it remains. It keeps putting out the radiation from ground, and it is taken into farm products, and it causes long-term pollution.

Plutonium 239

Plutonium 239 is not so discharged into the distance in the nuclear accident. Plutonium 239 is a material that uranium 238 absorbs the neutron discharged by nuclear fission and is produced. The half - life of plutonium 239 is very long and about 24,000 years.

Meaning that takes stable iodine pill (potassium iodide preparation and potassium iodate)

The iodine is taken into the inside of the body and concentrates on the thyroid. The half - life of a radioactive iodine is about eight days. When the stable iodine pill is taken just behind the nuclear accident for that, the iodine is not taken from it into the thyroid. And, the thyroid cancer can be prevented.

Taking method and attention of stable iodine pill

The child takes 1/2 of the adult by the adult once by the potassium iodine 130mg(It is 100mg as the iodine) to take the stable iodine pill on the first. The taking period is within about one week.

The side effect of the iodine has the thyroid gland disorder, the iodine allergy, and parotitis, etc. Do not take too much reading the attention of taking.