Repair of water leak of flush lavatory

And flush toilets are used for a long time may suddenly higher cost of water leaking from the flush tank. Water leak of toilet, if you know a few tips on operating principles of water closet (DIY) You can fix it.

Cause of water leak of flush lavatory

The low tank leaking toilet, toilet bowls, water pipes and water leaks out from the junction and, if you stop water leaking into the toilet. This explanation is to stop leakage of water into the toilet.

In any case, to stop water for the time being, the first coping process closes the water shut off valve in the rest room. I think that the one operated with the flat screwdriver is a lot of of this water shut off valve. It thinks how to repair afterwards.

It works with the structure of the ball tap part of the flush lavatory.

ball tap

Ordinary household plumbing keep accumulating water tank called the low tank, the structure is at once the water I'll sink into the toilet tank after the low pot.

Porcelain toilet lid and the top tube of the low tank (washing portion) is attached to it, remove the lid pottery hose.(Curran and some of the thing without washing, and also has a hose that led directly without packing)

Low-flush toilets in a tank ball tap the structure of the picture they look like this is left connected to the water through the water shutoff valve.

Usually the plastic float ball tap, as this picture float can be up or down, automatically performing the operations of the water stop valve, water has become a constant low water level in the tank .

Diagnostic procedure for low-flush toilet tank leak

During normal water leakage is a little out of the tap water from beneath the ball. Does not necessarily mean a bad ball and tap. At this time, please see the water level. They come to the water level above the overflow pipe, if the water overflows, ball tap is faulty.

Even without the water level to the top of the overflow pipe, if you have leaky float valve is faulty part. At this time, if you stop the water from the tap is raised if the float ball, tapping the ball is not out of order. In this case, if the water is out, ball tap is faulty as well.

Structure and Function of the flush valve float


The float valve in the flush lavatory is shown in this photograph. There is a float valve under the overflow tube, and the outlet part is stopped and it stops it by ball rubber.

It is a structure to pour water to improve this rubber with the chain from the lever.

This rubber is greatly pulled apart from the outlet now, and the outlet of feces is not closed with the buoyancy of the rubber ball. When water disappears, the rubber ball does the lid to the outlet by the self-respect again.

Working of the overflow tube is the one draining it from the upper part of the overflow tube to the toilet so that the water of the tank should not overflow even if the ball tap breaks down.

Method of repairing water leak of flush lavatory(component replacement)

After it diagnoses whether the ball tap part is bad or the float valve is bad by the above-mentioned diagnostic approach, the water leak repair in the flush lavatory is done. It is when both are breakdowns of course. Both were out of order this time.

After the main cock of water service (water shut off valve) in the rest room is closed, the ball tap and the float valve are exchanged. If parts can be obtained, only the rubber parts can be exchanged. Such an exchange is not difficult. Former state is seen well, and after it exchanges it, it restores it. Water..main the operation..water leak..provide..confirm.

Notes when parts in flush lavatory are exchanged

The PET bottle to save the water of the rest room cannot be recommended.

Bottled water to put things in order to conserve water in toilet, there are people put in a low tank, so it is not recommended. The reason is because if there is a valve that prevents the operation of the float ball tap or bottle in the tank is low for this. In addition, in septic tanks have been drained, so calculating the amount of water being used at one time, may become impossible to maintain the functionality of the septic tank and water is different. It can also cause low water and clog the toilet. Listen Read phonetically