The installation and the piping of the pump

Because it was possible to dig up the piercing well by human strength well, the pump for an electric shallow well was set up in the well to make easily to use just like water service and piping and the faucet were set up. It would be greatly appreciated when having constructed it while trying and erring serves as a reference.

The well is sealed up and the pump is installed.

well pump

The well was completely sealed up so that the well pump may first bite air and make it not crowd. The hole that VU50 passes to the cap of VU75 is made as shown in the photograph and VU75 and VU50 are fixed. The space between VU75 and VU50 packed the clay dug out and stuffed with caulking most up. Next, it converts it from VU50 to VU40 with VP20 and the strange appearance socket.

The strange appearance socket to VP20 was finished up little by little with the file so that the pipe of VP20 for sucking up might penetrate. The point of the pipe for sucking up is put in the nether place of the octonary.8 m most. It bonded completely with the adhesive of the vinyl chloride without thinking about the thing that had already been removed.

The sand removing container was installed in the sucking up pipe at once. Because [sutore-na] of the sucking up pipe sticks to the bottom of a well, the sand removing container is necessaries.

The well pump is PAL-2531BR of the three-phase circuit electric machine. It is a fixed pressure automatic pump for the shallow well of the accumulator type of the electric motor output 250W.   The pipe on the side of pushing out was laid with VP20. The hole was made from the earth for the concrete of the base and it was assumed the below the floor level piping.

When it keeps exhausting the well water by continuously driving the pump, water becomes transparent in the vicinity as for 3-4 though the turbid water comes out at first. At first, the sand removing container is cleaned every day. You may hardly do sooner or later.

hand pump

It can use by setting up such a hand pump even at the disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons and the time of the power failure and is convenient. This is clicking called with a pop and the design has not changed at all. from of old

The well and the pump are put in a concrete well frame.

The well and the pump The well and the pump

The well and the pump were put in a concrete well frame (Idutsu) of 75cm in the inside diameter for a reduction, a freeze proofing, a direct sunshine avoiding, a rain avoiding, and mechanical protection of the noise. Idutsu's lid painted the coal tar on the waterproof and preservative making it from the board of the tree of about 2cm thickness. The knob was put up. I think lasting long though externals are bad.

The wiring for 100V was assumed to be underground piping with the cable of VVFφ2.0mmX2 for electrical work.

The faucet for the well water is installed.

faucet for the well water

VP20 was laid in the below the floor level, and a special faucet was installed in the outside wall. The vicinity of the faucet was laid with the copper pipe of 7/8 inches because there was no strength in VP20. There is strength from a right faucet.

The ground sink was incidentally made from the brick.

There is an amount of spring water during about eight liter/minute and this can be used even because of putting out 24 hours. If it is a left photograph, it is possible to use it even by when.   The amount from which the well water after the faucet is opened comes out is as follows.

For 0-15 seconds----5.5 liters

For 15-30 seconds---3.0 liters

For 30-45 seconds---2.1 liters

For 45-60 seconds---2.0 liters

Total of 60 seconds---12.6 liters

Water temperature---17.0 degre C

PH = 7.9  (Tap water is PH = It was 6.8. )

It was cold and it was pleasant though the cold water shower had been done by the well water. There seems to not be so much usage because a little yellow color has adhered to water. It seems to be able to use it for the cold water friction of the schedule cooling the water scattering in the garden and the watermelon and at first.

Power consumption and power-factor measurement of well pump

The power consumption of the motor used for the pump was measured though was written 500W though did not know how much electric power used while driven a variety of. The measuring instrument is M-3860M of METEX that can measure a true electric power.

It is time when the least power consumption completely opens the faucet, and becomes the lowest the volume of water. At this time, moment of force was 1.0 by about 295W.

It is immediately before motor the pressure of the accumulator reducing the volume of water from the faucet, becoming the maximum, and stopping becoming a maximum electric power consumption. At this time, it was moment of force 1.0 by about 490W.

The moment of force of the motor is 0. Because it is a capacitor motor, is moment of force good though it was thought 8th place?It was between from 0.99 to 1.0.