Repair method of blocking flush lavatory

Is newspaper and the tissue paper, etc. blocked in the rest room and has the water of the rest room flowed without fail?It is the one that can be easily mended if it devises it for a moment to repair blocking the rest room for myself.

It introduces the method of repairing blocking the rest room for myself (With DIY). When paper are causes, it is possible to do for myself mostly. If the toilet is not removed, it is not likely to be able to take it easily for a hard thing such as ballpoints and toys.

Method of using hydraulic pressure of water service and hose

When the paper such as newspaper and tissue papers and the one such as sanitary items and the urine removing pads are causes, it is possible to repair by the following method comparatively easily. It is cheap, and this is easy and is a safe method that I thought about. I repaired by this several-time methods.

First of all, it is waited that water decreases at a certain intervals when it is a few when the brimmer in the toilet in the rest room. When water is beautiful, you may drain it a little with the pump for kerosene etc.

Do the thrust of the hose for water service to the interior of the first bending of the toilet. The other end of the hose is connected with the faucet of water service. Next, the vinyl such as the garbage bags is expanded and it paves it on the surface of water in the toilet. Moreover, the old cloth like the dustcloth that became unnecessary is paved in some measure. When only a little water is in the toilet, you will put the old cloth in the average of the garbage bag, and, then, stop it in the toilet.

The faucet is completely opened. It suppresses on the old cloth in the toilet by both hands at once and water is prevented from leaking forward. The sound where water flows should be able to be confirmed by canceling blocking at once. Another operates the faucet when doing by two people.

Method of using suck cup on the market

There is a method of repairing blocking in the suck cup for a rest room on the market, too. The center of the vinyl is punctured and the suck cup is passed through the hole of the vinyl. Water will not scatter if it covers in the toilet with this.

Next, the stick is pushed and it pulls it holding the cup. Blocked what moves and the water of the rest room comes to flow when repeating several times.

Afterwards, water is poured little by little by the one like the bucket. It is noted that water might overflow when blocking doesn't cancel it when pulling a lever and giving the toilet a flush.

Method of using special tool like suck pump

A special tool (pipe cleaner) like the suck pump that mends the rest room blocking marketing can be used. The steering wheel can be pulled, and the rest room blocking be removed by pressing the pipe cleaner against the outlet in the toilet pushing and repeating worth. As for this, the effect might be large though prices are higher than the suck cups.

In this case, water will be poured little by little later by the one like the bucket. It is noted that water might overflow when blocking doesn't cancel it when pulling a lever and giving the toilet a flush.

When a hard foreign body is blocked

It might not go well in the above-mentioned method when a hard thing such as ballpoints and toys is blocked. It might go well comparatively for a small thing.

In this case, the foreign body is removed by poking by the one like the wire that cleans the pipe. When it is not possible to take it, the toilet is removed and taken. Then, it might be impossible in the amateur.

Method of asking professional trader for rest room blocking

"Repair of blocked 8,000 yen of the rest room" is often seen with the television and the handbill, etc.However, it is the one not stored for 8,000 yen. Because the trader is business, it tries to secure the profit. It often becomes mostly about 15,000 yen-30,000 yen. You who cannot do by embarrassing it because of the rest room blocking must request the estimate from the trader.