Painting of slate roof (DIY with the high-pressure washing)

When several years - about ten years pass from building, the cement tile and the slate roof become bald the painting of paint, grow mold and the moss, and are deteriorated. It comes to have to tile the roof to putting away deteriorate it advancing fast and to substitute it if it doesn't paint again.

Because I had painted the slate warehouse in the country in DIY, the result of the passage was written. It is this time thought that paint the roof of the main building.

Necessity of painting of cement tile and slate roof

Why should I paint on the cement tile and the slate roof? It is because a small hole is innumerably open on the surface of the cement tile and the slate roof. It causes the moss and mold for water to do to the hole, to see, and to grow. Moreover, the hole is expanded in addition because it makes to winter, the seen water freezes, and it expands.

Then, strength of the roof rapidly falls into deterioration rapidly willingly. Only the person gets on up and the cement tile and the slate roof that has not been painted for years how many might crack.

It is necessary to paint, to reed the surface of the roof to prevent it from becoming it like this, to do by water.

Wash the roof with the high pressure washing machine

Wash the roof with the high pressure washing machine

This warehouse is the one of the slate tile transferred. It was painted on the slate with paint originally. It painted only in taking with the wire brush again because there was no high-pressure washing machine though there were mold and a moss, too, when transferring it.

It has only painted once every 3-5 years afterwards. After this mold and moss were thoroughly taken with the high-pressure washing machine this time, it decided to paint.

Peeling off, mold, and the moss of paints that placed to the roof with the high-pressure washing machine had been taken before it painted first as shown in this photograph. Because the hose on a high-pressure side was not so long, the high-pressure washing machine was put on the center of the roof, and the hose of water service was connected with the power supply. Water used the well water.

It took very long time because the pressure of the high-pressure washing machine kept the highest and was done deliberately. (The pressure of the high-pressure washing machine that used it was about 70 atmospheres = In 7MPa and the volume of water, power consumption was about 1.4kW during 6.5 liter/minute.)

Roof is washed the high pressure washing machine

It is a part where the right part doesn't do anything in the place where a left part in this photograph washed the high pressure. It is understood to be able to take mold and the moss by the high-pressure washing and to whiten beautifully. It doesn't beautifully become it at all in the wire brush.

Getting on of paints decreases when mold and the moss are taken and painted like this and danger that painting peels off well decreases. Painting peels off at once when painting on the moss.

How to use of the high-pressure washing machine

Notes when high-pressure washing and painting

The caulking repair is done.

A part where the roof was damaged and a little big crack part are repaired with the caulking agent (caulk). The caulking agent of the modified silicon that paints get on up is handled. There was especially no necessary place to caulk this time because the pain was not intense.

The cement tile and the slate roof are painted.

After the roof is often dried, it paints when the high-pressure washing ends. It was a warehouse and painting deliberately did only one time of final coating this time though you should do the undercoat, intermediate coat, final coating, and three times, too.

To improve sticking of the roof and paints, the undercoat (sealing coat and primer) is done. Intermediate coat and final coating basically paint the same one twice.

It took the roof a day though it painted only once in the work of one person with a brush though there was an area of about 60m2. It was very serious work. The waist became painful on the way, and it sat down in the roof on the way when continuously working. It takes the third when painting it as many as three times in this. The trader did not still think the moderate do cut corners.

Paints used a green water-based paint for the slate roof. (water for Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. home paint slate or straw)About 1/4-1/3 of the cans of entering by 15kg was needed. After it thins it by water, it uses it a little.