The money-making idea has been noted.

When the Internet is seen recently, I think that there are so-called quite a lot of "Tempting offer" and "Cheat Commercial Code". Moreover, there might be a lot of people who get on these stories, too. Moreover, it seems not to decrease even if the problem of "Cheat and make money transfer" passes by when, too.

Is a good method of not getting on to these stories a no potato?The number of those who cheat might not decrease because there is a cheated person indefinitely. I want to exterminate problems of the smart shopper and.

Feature of money-making idea

There is a feature in "Money-making idea" and "Cheat Commercial Code" with. 「I gained 500,000 yen or three million yen every month though I was an amateur of the personal computer. It is because certain is done. Pay 20,000 yen because the content it is that is given. 」The content thinks many.

The amount of money of the profit is very large amount of money though personal computers are other things, the amount of money is large amount of money, and the content it is that is various. The amount of money of payment is mostly one-about 50,000 yen. The amount of payment is ,in a word, an amount of money that can be paid at the pocket money level.

"The income became millions of yen every month when doing like this. It was possible to go to travel abroad." It says, and there is the one to press participation in a free mail circle and the mailing list, too. I think that you should stop writing an important mail address, the address, and the name though it doesn't know how it is going ahead of that.

The cold call of the stock and futures and options hangs well, too. The feature is to say, "Make a profit absolutely".

When you itemize these features

It is thought it is doubtful if these some apply.

Because it is not caught to the money-making idea

Doing closer for myself than it teaches to others makes a profit greatly if it is a story that makes a profit so much and a tempting offer so much. I think that the story that many millions of makes a profit every month is told and the thing told it to pay about 30,000 1-yen is amusing. It is mysterious that the person who makes a profit so much wants to obtain such "Small change".

Moreover, the number of those who do it is sure to increase if it teaches to others, and not to make a profit sooner or later the person who taught either. The thing that such a thing won't be done is clear.

There is a place done to the point where advertising rates are paid on the site to which it solicits like this. As for the thing that it is a delicious story even if it does, how the enticed person becomes it afterwards is understood there.

Please do not think that there is a story that makes a profit absolutely. If it is a story that is sure to make a profit, I am sure not to want to teach to others. It is because my doing makes a profit more. It is a thing that the thing of not doing close for myself is not a story that makes a profit absolutely.

I think that I understand well when thinking about the case that I try to be cheated the person and to be gained. If it is "Cheat", it should be able to be seen through that it thinks by becoming the standpoint of the other party who tries to cheat.