Eaves and bamboo blind are put up to the window.

I was annoyed by hives in the summer of 2008. The air of the room is always ventilated. And, it will sleep without using the air conditioner. Then, it is necessary to sleep with the window open.

When there were no eaves in the window at all, and up to now it rained, my bedroom of the second floor had to close the window at once. Eaves and the bamboo blind were installed in the window with DIY so that I may not do so.

Eaves for the window have been bought.

There was qualifying when looking for on the internet. The simple, modern eaves 230mm, 1845mm in width, 50mm in height, and product numbers It is MPR-W-180023-F.

The material was made of total aluminum and was strong. The manufacturer is YKK AP.

Eaves and the reinforcement metal fittings for the window are installed.

Eaves and the reinforcement metal fittings for the window are installed.

First of all, please look at the photograph of the completion. Gone out width of eaves is 230mm, the width is 1845mm, and the height of the installation part is 50mm. It installed it in the place of the sash of about 100mm up.

First of all, five holes of Φ8mm for the installation are made for eaves. Because the material of the wall is ALC concrete, the hole for the ALC anchor of Φ10mm of HILTI is made for the wall. (A stainless screw of the attachment actually made to a small hole of Φ9mm, beat the anchor by force, and was crowded with about Φ7mm.)

When eaves are installed, it caulks with silicon bond up in eaves, and rain is prevented from going into it.

Because the bamboo blind was put up, the stiffening plate of three corner type was installed under eaves though it would have strength even in the so much if it was only eaves.

The accessory plate for this reinforcement is making of the salvage to complete by oneself. I made it with the aluminum board of 1.5mm in thickness. A finished size is about 25mm in horizontal about 15mm and lengths. Because it is originally remains when something is made from making by oneself, the hole is open in a strange place.

The wall side of the accessory plate for this reinforcement was installed on L type, and it bent and it installed it directly in the aluminium sash with the tap machine screw. It installed it with eaves with the machine screw and the nut. Strength goes up greatly by installing this. Even if the person hangs, it is safe.

The installation work hung out at from the window of the second floor. The safety belt for the high-place work was bundled from the body to the indoor bed, it pulled to the applied rope, and the wife supported my body further because it was dangerous when falling.

The bamboo blind is installed.

Next, to install the bamboo blind, the stiffening plate of three corner type is punctured. A stainless cloth-drying pole is bound in this hole through the wire of stainless Φ1.4-1.6.

The bamboo blind is installed in this cloth-drying pole. The bamboo blind installed two one of the width 880mm about 80mm in length. This was sold in the hundred-yen store. Let's assume it is good because it is cheap though it is a little short.

There is a screen door, too and rain never blows in to a little rain if such eaves and the bamboo blind are installed in the window. It is complete if it pulls it with the string so as not to wander around under the bamboo blind.