Method of cleaning toilet (Obstinate dirt is effectively removed)

The kind of the dirt of the toilet are the urolith, mold, and the fur, etc. , smells peculiar to the toilet, and I do not want to do the toilet cleaning so much. It cleans always diligently and the beautiful one of the rest room always. It introduces the knack of the latrine cleaning.

Kind of dirt of toilet

It is the one that various dirt such as the urolith, growing yellowish, and the furs adheres to the toilet. Cleaning it before dirt becomes awful is important. Getting black has the one that adheres dust and clung and the case of mold etc.

It is possible to drop with a detergent and an alkalescence detergent, etc. for the toilet with a brush for the toilet usually. However, it is the one that cannot be dropped by obstinate dirt.

Make it before cleaning the toilet.

First of all, water in the toilet is sucked out to the cleaning in the toilet with a kerosene pump etc.Water is absorbed to the dustcloth, and when there is no pump, it squeezes in the bucket and it removes.

The lid and the toilet seat are removed and cleaned when cleaning it between the lid and the toilet seat in the Western-style toilet. It comes off easily when the nut of the installation bolt is loosened. The lid and the toilet seat are washed in the different location. Let's beautifully clean it with the detergent because there is dirt that cannot be removed by a usual cleaning in the mark where the lid and the toilet seat were removed.

Method of using detergent

In the detergent for the toilet, a lot of things that are neutral or acid are elements that is appropriate for the urolith of the toilet and growing yellowish. Because dirt is attached to a part that is more vertical than the horizontal part and a diagonal part, it is necessary to devise the toilet in the toilet to clean it.

When the detergent for the toilet is used, the tissue paper is put on the part with which the toilet is dirty, the detergent is infiltrated, and it puts it for several minutes. It rubs with the toilet bowl brush afterwards.

A plastic part in the toilet seat is wiped with a general soapless soap and an alkalescence detergent. Most getting black can be dropped with a soapless soap and an alkalescence detergent in the one that adheres [hokori] in air and clung.

Method of using bleach

There seem to be a lot of one of growing yellowish the washroom part in the upper part of the tank by the element of not the one with filth but the well water and tap water. The reducing bleaching agent is usually used. After the tissue paper is put on the washroom part, the bleach thinned with the hot water is put up, and it puts it for several minutes, it cleans it. (It is a knack to use the hot water.)

It wipes with the acid detergent thinned by water, it is worth the cleaning of a porcelain system tile of the floor in the toilet, wipes by the chlorine bleach, and it is worth. Dirt related to urine can be removed by acidity well. The chlorine bleach is effective in mold and the smell. A chlorine bleach and an acid detergent generate the gaseous chlorine of poisonous if it mixes it, and never never use it together, please. There is a person who died while cleaning it.

Method of using acid detergent of San-Paul etc.

An acid detergent of San-Paul etc. is used for dirt into which the urolith etc. do not fall easily. Rubbing with the brush after it puts it for a few minutes of the similar content of an acid detergent in the tissue paper in this case is effective.

It is possible to drop even by obstinate dirt by the use of a strong acid. However, the luster of the toilet might become it not is. Especially, please note it when you use the strong acid one.

Method of using cleanser and melamine sponge

It falls well when the cream cleanser is used for the tap and the metallic portion for the washroom in the upper part of the tank. You may use the metallic polish medicine. It becomes beautiful with a melamine sponge.

Method of using water-proof sandpaper

When the urolith thick sticks to the mark and the toilet where the lid and the toilet seat were removed, it is the one that cannot be removed with a detergent alone easily. In this case, there is only shaving off physically by using water-proof sandpapers of detailed eyes. Because the surface of the toilet is damaged when eyes are rough, the one with detailed eyes of #400-#800 is used. It sells it also in the hundred-yen store.

Do not use a water-proof sandpaper except an earthen part. The wound adheres easily when using it for a plastic part.