Clogging of drainage

The main causes of getting drainage of a washstand or a bath blocked are the hair. The main causes of a jam of drainage of a sink stand are oil, garbage of food, etc. If drainage is got blocked, water not only does not flow, but it will become a cause of a bad smell.

A jam by the trap of a bath, a washroom, or a kitchen, and repair

The sink stand of a kitchen and the washstand of a washroom have equipment which is called a trap and which intercepts a smell. It was like each work being alike although the form was various. That is, a puddle is made and penetration of a bad smell, an insect, etc. is prevented. The great portion of jam with a drainage instrument has occurred in this trap part.

A jam by the trap of a sink stand, a bath, or washing space

Structure of a general trapThere are a lot of things sink with a basket by the garbage where it is not very packed. The sink trap, if it rises to a central drainage tube from the hose, has a structure like this covered with an inverted bowl.

A narrow gap through the water trap, and not to jam occasionally cleaned. I see a bowl with a basket by the handle and removing the debris. Remove the bowl to clean this.

The trap of a bath or washing space also has same structure fundamentally. It cleans up by removing the bowl of a trap.

A jam by the trap of a washstand

Under the basin is equipped with a bent pipe is called S-trap or P-trap. This trap with fast flowing water in a pipe bend, trash will flow naturally. However, if you like to fell like a pin or toothpick to jam elongated.

It seems that, as for a jam of a washstand, hair, a rag, etc. of hair become a cause in many cases. If hair, a rag, etc. of hair are caught in big garbage for a while and the flow of water worsens, garbage is involved increasingly and a jam may be generated.

If garbage was only simply got blocked, garbage can be poured using a rubber cup. Having dropped the important thing and when a big thing is got blocked, it is necessary to decompose a trap and to take garbage.

A jam and repair with a drainage square or a drainage pipe

It is hardly got blocked only with piping. When the slope of piping is bad, or when a part of piping is narrow, a stream becomes late and becomes the cause of getting at least a drainage pipe blocked.

A jam by a drainage square

Mass trapping with a trap on the square drainage feature, or food debris and precipitated oil has flowed from the kitchen, you can accumulate and float. When you leave, or they will jam in the mass drainage.

Let's sometimes clean the inside of a drainage square. What precipitated, and the thing in which the oil which has floated solidified are removed. Water is poured, and don't stir the inside of a measure and don't pour garbage downstream.

A jam in a drainage pipe

Clogging the drainage pipe itself has little, sometimes, and sometimes completely clogged oil deposits. In this case, while flowing water and put it in a clean drain lines and other communication equipment used in PVC pipe and electrical work and pipe cleaner thin wire formula. If the problem persists, please ask a jam experts.

If there are cracks or holes in the middle of drainage pipes, drainage may clog the drainage pipes come into the roots of such plants. In this case, if successful even if the blockage persists, the re-packed and is sure to penetrate the roots. The fundamental solution must be changed spear drains. May become a major construction.