Is the well water advantageous or disadvantageous?

As for the well water, the water quality might generally be badly, and for drinking unsuitable to the inside in soft water though it is advantageous in Japan. It thought about the advantage and disadvantage by comparing the well water and tap water.

Advantage of well water

The rental charge and the cost are cheap.
If the electricity bill to make the pump work is excluded, the running cost is almost free because the water rate are not needed.
The temperature of water is constant.
The groundwater temperature of underground number meter-about tens of meters is becomes a normal temperature in the region during year, and an almost constant all the year round water temperature. It is felt to it cold because the water temperature of the well water is constant though it is usual that it is warm because general tap water passes the vicinity of surface of the earth in summer, and is cold in winter in summer that it is warm in winter. In the standpoint saying used, it is the very easy-to-use one.
Because it is warmer than tap water in winter, making to the hot water is convenient.
If the well water is used for the bath in winter, the kerosene fee and the gas bill can be saved more than tap water is used.
It is colder than tap water in summer.
Moreover, the equipment lasts long without the temperature of the hot water going up too much if it uses it for the solar water heater because water temperatures are lower than tap water in summer.
There is no smell of the bleaching powder of water and the taste is good.
As for tap water, chlorine (bleaching powder) is contained for disinfection. As for tap water, the smell of chlorine might be tight and be unsavory though it is necessary it. As for the respect and the underground water of Japan, (well water), there seem to be a lot of one without the problem even if there is generally a lot of good quality soft water, and it drinks as it is.
It is possible to use it in the emergency.
Water can be secured even in the emergency if the bucket with a pulley and the hand pump are set up.

Disadvantage of well water

It is necessary to sink a well.
The well water cannot be used if there is no well. It is necessary to sink a well in the place in the well that not is. This is the most serious and it costs cost, too.
The well pump is necessary.
The well pump is generally needed in the well. A hand pump or an electric well pump is necessary. the bucket with a pulley etc. are necessary if there is no pump.
The electricity bill of the pump is necessary.
The electricity bill of the pump is necessary for an electric pump. However, this electricity bill becomes far cheaper than the water rate generally.
The water quality might be not good.
The water quality might be for drinking unsuitable to the well water according to the place. A lot of hard water such as calcium as the poisonous substance is contained that is is. be polluted by the bacillusDisinfection and the water quality improvement might be necessary.
The volume of water might be not enough.
The amount of spring water might be not enough for an underground water little and the piercing well. It sinks a well in the place where a lot of underground water exists again or the well is deepened or it digs and it changes to the well.
It is necessary to maintain the well and the pump.
It is necessary to be likely to clean it so that the well may secure the water quality, and secure the volume of water. Moreover, it be necessary be likely to break down the pump and to repair.
Water temperatures are lower than tap water in summer.
This is not without the advantage and it is possible to say, and either a lot of fuels are necessary for summer when using it for the bath compared with water service.

About other well water

There is a point where a good point is bad in the well, too. It sinks a well by the place and there might not be point for you may sink a well in the case to be advantageous. It cannot be indescribably said that it will not ascertain around here.

Do not it sink a well or it dig, and there is only my judging it. Let's consult a special trader, and refer to the example of the vicinity.

There is a hand that uses both the well water and tap water, too. If only each good point is used, it becomes very advantageous. Though piping is troublesome.

There is an idea as the advantage and the disadvantage in the amount of money, too and the living with an old well is other one with the emotion by you may. I think it is good also for the mental health.