Bath cleaning method

It is troublesome to clean the bath. However, if it comes to make the bath cleaning good once, it becomes happy. It is because of becoming beauty gradually. It is a knack of lasting long to clean the anxious place little by little every day.

The bleach of the chlorine system is effective in the mold of the bath

When mold has been generated, the mold killer of the bleach of the chlorine system is sprayed. It is also effective to spray the bleach of a general chlorine system. Afterwards, an irregular spray is easily rubbed with the brush because it is not. It leaves between divisors. It rubs with the brush afterwards though it is water and a sink.

The mold killer is very strong. After mold, the bubble is stuck. When spraying it, let's do the mask, and do the goggle for the swim to eyes. When spraying it above, it goes up on the stepladder, and it doesn't spray it above my eyes. Please go out of the bathroom at once when quickly spraying it.

Please note not mixing absolutely with the acid one when you use the bleach of the chlorine system. The gaseous chlorine is generated and it is dangerous. Please turn the ventilation fan, open the window and the door at the entrance, and take care about ventilation. This is very important. There is a person who actually died with the gaseous chlorine.

Always ventilation is effective in the mold prevention

It is effective in the generation of mold to lower moisture. Please turn the ventilation fan, and always ventilate it when it goes out of the bath. The cleaned frequency can be decreased in dramatic form if it does so. I am having it automatically ventilate when the entrance in the bath is opened. Please look at the article on "Bath ventilation SW" in "Device and production".

The acid and the alkali are effective in the dirt of the bathtub and the fur of the tile.

In the cleaning of the bathtub in the bath, it is effective to use bicarbonate of soda. It puts it moderately mixing bicarbonate of soda with remaining the hot water of the bath at night. You may soak the washbowl and sitting, etc. together. Only being lightly rub next morning becomes it is it is possible to be done.

After dirt, a hot sodium bicarbonate liquid in which bicarbonate of soda is melted with the hot water is put up to a little obstinate dirt. It will become beautiful if it throws by water after it dries later. When bicarbonate of soda remains and it is not easy to take it, it is neutralized when vinegar is sprayed and flushed.

A detailed wound places to the bathtub when the cleanser is used too much though the cleanser might be used when very obstinate dirt is washed off. Bicarbonate of soda is melted by the small quantity of water instead of the cleanser, and even if bicarbonate of soda is melted with the detergent, it is effective.

An acid detergent is effective for an obstinate fur (It doesn't see and bilge) that doesn't drop in the alkali and the detergent for the bath. San Paul for the rest room is thinned a little and handled. The stock solution is used as it is for obstinate dirt. It throws by water ahead of time when rubbing with the brush.

Even if he or she uses the vinegar of for food, the person who doesn't want to handle San Paul for the rest room can clean it. Depending on the device around here. Please use neither acid one nor the alkaline one at the same time earnestly. It is not only effective but also might generate the gas and it be dangerous.

The water service faucet uses the tooth polish medicine and the melamine sponge

The metals of an obstinately dirty faucet and shower often drop when the tooth polish medicine is polished putting it. If the tooth polish medicine is polished putting it, anything becomes beautiful. Please try other things.

It is effective because there is a melamine sponge recently. I think a stainless bathtub and the handrail to be effective.

Cleaning of outlet in bath

In the outlet in the bath, it is a hair, dirt, a soap fuck-shit, mold, and dirt is an awful place. It rots and it becomes the cause of the stink when leaving it. It throws by water rubbing with the brush after it removes dirt. I think that you may use a special cleaning agent for the outlet.

Moreover, bicarbonate of soda is effective in the outlet. The vinegar of tales doses and the hot water of tales doses are poured in the outlet sprinkling bicarbonate of soda on the outlet by 1/2 cups. The lid is done soon with the vinyl bag and the bubble is confined because it bubbles as bicarbonate of soda reacts with vinegar. It leaves it for 30 minutes or more afterwards. The hot water and water are thrown and will be rinsed later.