Taking a picture and how to print photograph for passport

It is possible to make it for myself (With DIY) if there are a digital camera, a printer, and a personal computer though it is usual to take the photograph for the passport in machine and photograph shop who takes a picture of the ID photo.

What is the passport?

The passport is an official document that requests protection and help to the foreign government for the Japanese national administration prefecture to notarize your nationality and position when making a passage for the foreign country and to do a safe travel. The kind of the passport includes two kinds. (the effective for five years and for ten years)

Document necessary for passport application

It is likely to differ by an individual case, and confirm it well, please though the document necessary for the application for the passport is the following one.

One ordinary passport issuance application (for ten years and for five years)
One extract of one's register or copy (one within six months from day of issue)

It is omissible when it switches to a new passport in validity term or there is no change in the administrative divisions name of the name and the registered domicile from the last passport. When two people or more in the same register apply at the same time, one copy of his/her register can be assumed submitting.

One photograph (one taken a picture of within six months)

The one to fill size of figure below (Unit   mm) with the one only applicant's having been taken a picture (The size of the face : from the vertex to the mandible. Please do that it is hasty and trim "Distance from centers of both eyes to the vertex" equal to "Distance from centers of both eyes to the mandible" when the volume of the hair is large. )The one of the front, non-capped, and no background without edge. The black-and-white picture is OK.

In the photograph that cannot be accepted, it is the following. The   one that parts of eyes are hidden by the one and frame and reflection of light that color of lens is thick for the one and glasses by which color of the one and background with the indistinct one and shadow doesn't tightly specify person easily, etc. The one remarkably different from the one that a part of the face is hidden by the hair, the bandeaux, and the scarf, etc. and a normal appearance, whats processed with the personal computer etc. , and printing paper are the one etc. with the seal of the Japanese pampas grass potato.

Document that can confirm applicant himself
Public certificate etc. that adhere photograph like driver's license
Passport of the last issue

Taking of photograph for proof that can be used also for passport etc.

photograph for passport

It takes a picture of the face and the upper-body with the digital camera to use it also for the passport. In the photograph for the passport, the face is a subject like this figure. And, the size and the space of the face have been decided. The unit is mm.

It takes a picture so that it may usually enter from the chest to use it to apply for a driver's license and various licenses on. Because the solid color is better in the ID photo, the background is usually used against the background of a white wall or white paper. I took a picture in the room of the white wall.

It takes a picture without using the flash as much as possible because the shadow might go out behind when the flash is used. The shadow after it reflects the light to a reflector that the entire lighting is lightened, and a supplementary lighting like the desk lamp is used, and photograph shop uses and white paper is erased.

Please be do not laugh, angry, and take a picture of a usual and serious expression one to the expression. It is possible to take a picture even by oneself by using 3 and the self-timer.

Method to print by standard function of Windows

A necessary image is chosen by the Explorer of Windows clicking. Next, it makes it to the print screen of the image clicking the print.

The printer is chosen, and the quality such as A4 chooses the photograph to be a size of the form. The kind of the form chooses the photo paper. Naturally, the form uses the glossy paper for the photograph. When it makes a mistake in this selection, it is not possible to print beautifully.

Next, photographs how many paper are printed is set. I chose the size of the commutation ticket like printing nine pieces on the paper of A4. Next, after the number of copies of each image is set, the test print is done.

The size of the face is adjusted for the passport.

The size of the face in the printed photograph is measured. The size of the image is corrected if it doesn't install within 34 plus or minus two mm.

The blank is added the right of the image and under reading the image with the paint of Windows when the face is too big. The size of the face relatively becomes small.

Oppositely, it trims when the face is too small. You reduce the right of the image or the size below reading with the paint of Windows in case of not being though you may use software to be able to trim. The size of the face relatively grows if it does like this.

When the size is decreased the left and on, it is moderately moved specifying the range of the selection of the image with the paint. Afterwards, the right of the image and the size below are reduced.

When it is possible to correct it, it preserves, and it prints again according to the above-mentioned. When it goes well, the photograph is cut according to the above-mentioned standard at the end and the completion.

About the passport application

Note doing in the municipality now though the application procedure of the passport had been done in the prefecture before. In Okayama Prefecture, it visits in the passport center the Prefectural government and before and it doesn't come.

Only the Okayama citizens are accepting in the passport center before. The person in question should proceed to the receipt though application is possible even by the deputy.

About the signature of the passport

I applied for the passport in the Yakage town office. An effective passport and one photograph were taken. The telephone will have hung later though the application was written, submitted, and it returned.

I hear that it was necessary to rewrite it to Japanese because the signature of the back of the passport application is an alphabet. It is waited how many minutes there was incompleteness of the application then and there it seems to have overlooked it though it checked.

Even both will be able to be acceptable even in the alphabet because there is no difference in the signature. Please change the law if it decides by the law. Please change the operation method if it doesn't decide. It will not be a considerable problem.

The signature of the back also has information that the passport was able to be applied for even in case of not being when retrieving it on the net.

It is always a user that troubles even if it is a mistake of the staff in the public office. I hear to take a vacation from work purposely on Monday, to go, and to come. It is the one that it wants to keep negligent.