Exchange of corrugated plate in terrace and carport

It discolors, and it transforms and strength is lost the wave board made of a plastic resin of the terrace and the carport deteriorated when years pass. This was changed into the corrugated plate made of the polycarbonate excellent in the impact, weather resistance, and the optical penetration for myself (With DIY). It was recorded to have noticed it in the exchange.

The corrugated plate and the hook made of the polycarbonate have been bought.

First of all, it goes to the do-it-yourself store for purchase after it uses and the kind of the size of the corrugated plate, the number of sheets, and the hook, the amounts, and the sizes are examined in the terrace and the carport.

Size and material of bought corrugated plate

In the length of the sold corrugated plate is 1820mm - 2730mm, width is 655mm. The track for the take-home is borrowed and taken home in the do-it-yourself store because it is not possible to take it home easily when becoming as much as 2730mm. It is usually free if it is time of about one and a half hours.

The material of the corrugated plate has the one the thing and made of the polycarbonate made of a plastic resin usual. Please buy the thing made of the polycarbonate by all means though it is a little expensive. There is so no necessity exchanged even if becoming old because it is very excellent in the impact, the low temperature resistance, heatproof, and the optical penetration made of the polycarbonate. The color has the transparency and bronze.

Length and material of bought hook

I think the length of the hook to be a usually good in the one of 22mm for the aluminum terrace and the aluminum carport. The hook in the part where three corrugated plates or more come in succession uses a little long thing (About 25mm). The material of the hook has made of plastic, the plastron, and made of the stainless steel. Please use a stainless thing by all means though it is expensive. Only the hook breaks previously when it is made of plastic. It is not possible to remove by rusting when it is a plastron at the exchange.

Method of removing old corrugated plate and exchange it made of polycarbonate

old corrugated plate

It is a wave made of plastic resin board terrace of the previous state of changing where this photograph exists in the veranda. The corrugated plate discolors and it transforms it. It comes off from the rail in the inserted aluminum terrace. It becomes it like this in about 12-13 years when getting much sunlight.

This terrace similarly originally exchanged the corrugated plates 12-13 years ago though I made about 26 years ago. At this time, it was sure not to have had to exchange it this time if it made it to the corrugated plate made of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate roof after exchanged

Polycarbonate roof after exchanged

This photograph changes and the following wave made of polycarbonate resin board terrace. I think that it is understood that it is very beautiful.

Deterioration is sure to last long by times how many in the corrugated plate of polycarbonate compared with the wave board made of a plastic resin that is few, usual. For the present, it is not necessary to be going to exchange it. The hook is made of the stainless steel.

Preparation for stepladder

The stepladder is prepared because it works on the stepladder to remove and to install the corrugated plate. The length of a level that is a little lower than the height of the roof is necessary for the stepladder. The thing of about generally 1.8m is necessary.

Because the stepladder is not steady when there are ruggedness in the floor and ground, the thing that the length of the foot of the stepladder can be adjusted is the best. In addition, please have other people support the stepladder for safety.

Old way to remove corrugated plate

First of all, an old corrugated plate is removed. Because the thing of the screw type of the plastron had been used for the hook, it was not possible to detach it by rusting so far. It is possible to remove by easily cracking if the corrugated plate is beaten with the hammer. These can work faster than unscrewing a screw. Because it doesn't use an anyway old hook.

How to put it and notes of new corrugated plate

Next, there are a table and a back in this corrugated plate though the corrugated plate made of the polycarbonate is put from the edge. Please there must be a display in respect where the light of the sun is hit, and match the upper and lower direction and insert it in the rail of the terrace roof. The knack is needed for insertion in this rail for a moment.

After the size of the blade makes the hole like Φ5mm by the drill, the hole of the hook in the under installs the hook. The installation interval of the hook is adjusted to about 20cm.

Size of corrugated plate made of resin for roof(standard)

Calling Length The width Mountain amount Pitch Thickness
Six shakus 1820mm 655mm 9mm 32mm 0.7mm
Seven shakus 2120mm 655mm 9mm 32mm 0.7mm
Eight shakus 2420mm 655mm 9mm 32mm 0.7mm
Nine shakus 2730mm 655mm 9mm 32mm 0.7mm