Aerial photography of radio controlled helicopter

By saying that the aerial radio controlled helicopter, radio controlled helicopter and fly to show me. Look, if it wanted to be in pretty good business.

Aerial photography of "Sun road Kibi-ji" by radio controlled helicopter

It is a panorama of the national lodgings San loading Kibi road that exists in Soja city of which the son took a picture with the radio controlled helicopter. It is understood to take a picture from a considerably high position.

"Sun road Kibi-ji" opened by digging up the hot spring of the Kibi road in July, 2003. The fountain quality is a hot spring of a weak radioactivity that contained sulfur. Benefits of hot springs are neuralgias, arthritiss, the chronic digestive organs diseases, the cold constitutions, and the tiredness recoveries, etc.

Aerial photography by radio controlled helicopter

The son is doing aerial photography by the radio controlled helicopter. It takes a picture of animation and the still picture by installing the high-definition television camera and the digital camera. The mosaic is multiplied by the photograph because the trade secret of the vibration prevention mechanism etc. that the son produces devising it is here.

The son is to be able to be relieved to see the control from the control flight experience of an actual helicopter in the United States. I thought it was the best for aerial photography because the vibration and the noise were certainly few, and my geostationary be able. The demand of the aerial photography of the newly built residential building and the company (aerophotograph) : to the "car evolution".

Feature of radio controlled helicopter

As for the radio controlled helicopter, the noise and the vibration are few and the best for aerial photography. However, it is difficult to make the too large-scale one because motive power is a rechargeable battery.

The radio controlled helicopter of electric brush-less motor confirms reliability more than the engine repeating the test of the radio controller helicopter many times though it comparatively becomes a new type. Moreover, it glides in auto rotation even if power stops in the sky, and the thing that lands safely is possible.

The control of the radio controlled helicopter is not the one that it is very difficult, and everyone can do. Let's stop the flight of the beginner in the whole town suddenly because of the danger by he or she. I do not experience the control at all.

Reason to use radio controlled helicopter for aerial photography

aerial photography in the radio controlled helicopter uses two-cycle gasoline engine for power usually. However, the gasoline engine is problems such as the noise, the exhausts, and the vibrations, and hangs to the vicinity the trouble very much.

Then, the problem is solved by adopting the radio controlled helicopter using an electric motor. Especially, vibrate a little can take influence of having of it on the camera a little, steady image.