Piercing well digging (Will you sink a well by yourself?)

I do the cold water friction (cold water shower) for treatment and the health enhancement of the chronic rheumatism every morning. The desire well decided to be dug up whether to do by the well water because it was thought that it was too cold for the wife in it was and winter when water painted the life in summer.

It dug up the piercing well for myself by the method to find by the following Internet. Because it was possible to dig well, it introduces it. We wish to express our gratitude to Mr.Sogabe and the well digging mailing list.

How to dig up piercing well

The piercing well (well and ..stamping out.. ..driving.. well)(It seems to be called a driving well) doesn't dig up the large range, and it is possible to dig up the amount of the dug soil with an easy tool few, and compared it. It would be greatly appreciated though it cannot be said that the method done by me is good when the result of the trial and error serves as a reference.

First of all, only being possible to dig with the shovel etc. digs up the range of 30-50cm in the diameter. It is likely to be able to dig up about 1m in depth.

Next, it digs by pumping water in to the hole with the well digging container of handmade. How to dig exhausts the well digging container, and it moves, the soil up which it digs in the valve of the well digging container is taken up and down, it pulls out up, and the soil is exhausted with ton ton. It digs by this repetition.

It was possible to dig for me only with the well digging container because it was a clay chiefly layer, and I think that it digs piercing the soil of the bottom with crushing the iron pipe ahead and softening the soil easily for a usual soil.

I made the well digging container with the vinyl pipe of VU50. Please refer to the explanation of the photograph for how to make.

When it is possible to dig to some degree, the pipe of VP75 is put as a well frame (It is said the well side). Because I was able to obtain only VU75, VU75 was used. A lot of holes to which the water of about Dia. 4mm is taken are made for the vicinity of the point of the pipe. The method of inserting the pipe seems should beat with the hammer, and hang the weight of the block. Moreover, there is information of smoothly entering when putting it while moving the pipe up and down, too.

I fail in the insertion of the pipe, and enter the state that the put thing cannot be pulled out. The pipe was able to be inserted only up to 3m. I think everything to be difficult in argillaceous. The pipe of VU50 was put reluctantly the inside as the well frame. After it had dug up everything, this well frame pipe was put. The hole of the dug well narrowed a little when taking a rest from the well digging by about two weeks, and work to expand the hole again was needed. When the well frame pipe is put later, might the good policy digging at a dash.

How to make the well digging container and How to use.

Above-mentioned Mr. Sogabe is designed as for this well digging container, and there is not a problem to produce personally and to use it while seeming to apply for the utility model either. When it is sold to produce this, Mr. Sogabe's permission is necessary.

Well digging container 1 Well digging container 2

The main tool is only a well digging container. The pipe of VU50 is cut in about 50cm and the pipe patch person of VP50 is installed below only with the tap machine screw of 4mm as shown in the photograph. (To enable changing. )

The valve to take the soil into pipe connection's center is installed. I made the edge and the valve from the galvanized iron. The installation of the valve was bound with a stainless wire of Dia. 1.4mm.

The blade to dig was put up most below. This was useful to dig up a hard clay layer. It went well when digging while rotating the well digging container at this time.

It comes off well though it digs up the well digging container while rotating to the right when the hole of about Dia. 10mm is made for the tie part of VP20, it inserts, it turns to the hole the driver ahead, and it removes because it becomes difficult to remove by the screw's in the tie part of VP20 shutting.   The hole to exhaust the soil to VU50 is made. About 20 holes of about Dia. 4mm are made from this exhausted hole for the whole below for the water pulling out.

The upper part of VU50 installs the patch person of the strange appearance, and installs the surgical knife screw of VP20 finally. The pipe of VP20 of 4m is added with the screw. It not only pastes about the chloridization vinyl but also taking out of the bottom of a well screws in the tap machine screw in the joint part for attention because it is difficult if the joint part comes off by any chance.

The well frame of VU50 was put in the well where it was able to dig up a left photograph. A well digging container and inside well frame is the same thickness. It sees it fairly unlike in the photograph. It doesn't puncture it on the side under the well frame. The intake of the water of the well frame is only the lower side. The depth of the well is 8m80cm.

Digging up the well

Digging up the well The taking turning of the well digging container became difficult when the depth of the well became five meters or more, it went up on the stepladder, and it dug though it dug from the ground at first because the depth of the well was shallow.

The method of digging putting up every four meters and removing the pipe of the well digging container by well digging ML afterwards was taught. It dug up the removed pipe of four meters by the method of leaning against the building of total Nicai in by the side soon and putting.

Geological features were decomposed granite soils up to 1m, and soft clay layers from 1 to 8m. From 8m to 8m70cm was a hard clay layer. The last 10cm dug quite in the gravel bed and it did not advance it.

It dug up to 8m and it advanced it on the second day of 6m in the day. It took one week or more by 80cm afterwards.

The well water finally came out

The well water finally came out

It started giving it up because it had already dug saying as it was possible to dig up the well and it did not advance it. However, after the well frame pipe had been put thinking that water came out if it was a gravel bed, the well water was pulled out with the pump.

The space between the inhalation hoses of the well frame and the pump has packed the tube of the bicycle so that air should not enter, and when this drains it for a long time, it is not effective either. It is because air enters little by little.

Water came to come out continuously when pulling it out many times with the pump though water did not come out quite well. An underground water title Yattar usual is from the ground to about 1.5m.

The one that about 500 holes of Dia. 3.5mm were made within the range of 20cm the pipe of VP20 that shut ahead ahead was installed in the intake of the well water so that a small stone should not enter. It is stopped up at once in the thing that has placed to the bought pump with sand.

Cross section of well

Cross section of well To make easily to understand in the sight, the cross section of the well was made.

Having put strainer the under thinks that it drives and digs up the iron pipe the same as the driving well. From bottom of a well to strainer because thing buried in sand is understood sooner or later sand goes up from the under on about 30cm-50cm as for strainer

The clay dug out was packed between VU75 and VU50. I think that clay is better because it causes water on and on the way to enter though there is a person who packs sand and a small stone into here, too.

There seems to be a hydrogen sulfide gas now though it thought this space to be must be lost because this air melts to water in the space on between VU50 and VP20 sooner or later now though there is air.

I think that it was able to dig well only because it fails in the insertion of VU75.

Formation of stratum around here

The place in the gravel bed of 8.7 meters in the underground seemed to have been surface of the earth at the last last glacial epoch of the diluvial epoch about 20,000 years ago.

The glacier seemed to be relieved afterwards, to rise the surface of the sea, to pile up the clay layer, and to have been formed this stratum. About the first term of Jomon seemed to decrease gradually afterwards because of the peak the surface of the sea and to have become present Okayama plains in the surface of the sea.