Behcet's disease (specified diseases and intractable disease)

Behcet's disease with the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, similar to recent acquaintances. Behcet's disease and so on, I looked up the background.

What is the Behcet's disease?

The Behcet's disease is a disease reported by doctor Behcet of Turkey in 1937, and the intractable disease of specified diseases specified for "Specific disease treatment research business object disease" of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The method of curing in a word is sick ..not finding... There are reduction (specific disease treatment research business) measures in the portion of medical expense to be paid individually of the medical expense.

The feature is to repeat an acute inflammatory fit by the one that the inflammation of an uncertain cause repeatedly happens to the mucous membrane and the skin of the whole body. It makes a mistake in the foreign body or it gathers abnormally originally and the white blood corpuscle that attacks, and removes the foreign body in the inside of the body is angry.

The Behcet's disease is often seen by Japan, South Korea, China, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean sea coast nations. Therefore, it is said the silk road disease. The north ....high south.. ..low.. drinking.. shows distribution a lot in Hokkaido and Tohoku in Japan. The number of these diseases of specific disease medical treatment recipients is about 17,000 people as of the end on March, 2008.

Main four symptoms of Behcet's disease

The main symptoms of Behcet's disease, eye symptoms, aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa, genital ulcers, skin conditions are four.

Because a regular passage observation is needed if there are two predominating symptoms or more of the Behcet's disease, the specialist of rheumatism, the glue field disease department, the ophthalmology department, and dermatology is consulted a physician.

The ocular symptom is the heaviest symptom in the Behcet's disease. Both eyes are violated, and retina [kara] [makuhonoo] might be almost caused and it lose one's sight.

In the aphthous ulcer of the oral mucosa, the lip, the mucous membrane of the cheek, the tongue, and gums, etc. can do a round ulcer, and repeat the relapse. This symptom seems ..most one.. to develop.

The ulcer with a happening pain can be done for the woman with the ulcer of the vulva in case of the man a big and small pudendal labia and the vaginal mucosa the scrotum, the penis, and glans.

The nodular erythema can be done as a skin manifestation ..the foot and the arm... [Dekimono] can be just done, and it becomes feeling with the wick. Can be likely it be possible to erupt in the face moreover, the neck, the chest, and the abdomen, etc. , and to do thrombus phlebitis the hypodermic.

A sick in general prognosis seems to be good though the symptom appears repeatedly. the above-mentioned [shou] is ..main....It hardly often relapses when the power of the disease declines in around '10, and about 20 years are exceeded.

Other sub-symptoms of Behcet's disease

The Behcet's disease includes arthritis, the epididymal inflammation, the digestive organs change to a morbid state, the vascular lesion, and the neuronal pathology, etc. as a sub-symptom other than the above.

It becomes a symptom like the articular rheumatism according to the person. Because the symptom goes out to an asymmetric joint, and the transformation is not left, and small joints such as hands and fingers are not violated, it is different from the articular rheumatism.

Especially, a lot of calling the case where the neurological symptom goes out strongly, and nerve Behcet things of which the man doesn't recover easily.

Diagnosis of Behcet's disease (diagnostic norm of the Ministry of Health and Welfare research group)

When the sub-symptom becomes a subject, the diagnosis might be difficult though the diagnosis when all the predominating symptoms appear is not too difficult.

It classifies it by how of the symptom to appear , saying that "Complete type", "Aborted form", and "Doubt it". Moreover, when the internal organs change to a morbid state is a subject, it is classified into the vessel form, the nerve type, and the intestines tube type according to change to a morbid state, and it is called generically the special disease type.

Complete type

The one that four predominating symptoms appeared while observing passage

Aborted form

(a)The one that three predominating symptoms (Or, two predominating symptoms and two sub-symptoms) appeared while observing passage.

(b)The one that regular eye symptom and the other one predominating symptoms (Or, two sub-symptoms) appeared while observing passage.


The one that it doesn't meet the requirement of the aborted form and a regular sub-symptom are the one that is repeated or abhorred though a part of the predominating symptom is infested.

Cause of Behcet's disease

It is clarified little by little though the cause of the Behcet's disease is uncertain of the sick structure. It is to cause abnormality by the cause and the external cause in the white blood corpuscle among some.

Moreover, whether two or more appearance of disease receptivity genes like HLA-B51 exist in the condition of the attack because HLA-B51 of the histocompatibility antigen considerably takes part is thought. It ..Behcet's disease.. doesn't necessarily get sick even whenever there is an inherited factor.

It is not specified for a cause though the possibility that the contaminant, the bacillus, and the virus, etc. are related is pointed out as an external cause.

Treatment of Behcet's disease

Good daily life for the Behcet's disease is to accumulate almost the same as general struggle against disease life, taking the adequate sleep and the rest or neither doing regular life nor stresses, and to do a good meal of the balance.

In the drug therapy, the priority level of treatment is decided according to the condition and it is done. When it is likely to get dangerous of the life and serious sequelae, the steroid administering of the adrenocortical hormone is done.

The steroid drug can suppress an inflammation that is the same as the hormone made from the suprarenal cortex, acute. There are applying eyewash, taking, and an injection, etc.

The colchicine that suppresses the movement of the white blood corpuscle is taken about grape [makuhonoo] of eyes with the possibility of leaving a serious sequelae. It might be applying eyewash and be eye [kakochuusha] of the steroid drug. The immunosuppressive agents of the cyclosporine, cyclophosphamide, the azathioprine, and the mizoribine, etc. might be handled additionally.

The local treatment that suppresses the symptom is done to the mucous membrane skin and arthritis, etc.[Azerasuchin], a colchicine, [rebamipido], an eicosapentaenoic acid, and non-steroid anti-inflammatory are used. [Sefaranchin] and [epade-ru], etc. are used for the oral aphtha.

Coexisting illness of Behcet's disease

In the iris cyclitis and retina grape [makuhonoo] of the ophthalmic lesion of the Behcet's disease, the coexisting illness of the cataract, the glaucoma, and detached retinas, etc. might happen. It is important to receive the early treatment because there is a possibility that the visual performance decreases because of such coexisting illness.

If treatment with the specialist is received to the appropriate time, can it regain one's eyesight and the progress of the condition be suppressed to the minimum.