Method of reinforcing muscular power and muscular training

Muscular power is proportional to a muscular amount. Moreover, the bone is supported by the muscle. Moderate stimulation is given to the bone when the movement of the muscle is good, and the bone strengthens. The reduction in muscle mass reversely causes a decrease of the bone. And, it is likely to lead to osteoporosis, lumbago, the fall, and the cause of fracture. The reinforcement of muscular power is important to prevent this.

Necessity of a muscle bulk increase

An increase in the muscle bulk urges generation of heat of the body. It is important also for preventing various sicknesses such as the allergic disease, the chronic rheumatism, lumbago, the stiff neck, and the cystitis that happen to the woman due to the decrease in the immunity because of a lot of getting cold that is.

A thing important by another one is done because of the muscle and the brain. The muscle moves by instructing in the brain. To move the muscle is to make the brain work positively. The brain can be activated only by even moving the body in daily life though the brain works by thinking.

The decreasing rate becomes intense by becoming aged in general though the muscle bulk decreases gradually from 20-30 years old. That is, a decrease in the amount of the activity of daily life becomes a decrease in muscular power. And, the amount of the activity decreases further when muscular power decreases. It might be more important not to decrease muscular power than to reinforce muscular power when becoming aged.

Muscular power is reinforced to maintain life health when it is young, and so as not to decrease muscular power as much as possible, I want to take care not to neglect the movement in daily life.

Making to the shown body like the bodybuilding thinks and I think that not the purpose but the thing to maintain muscular power to health is an ideal.

Getting cold body and relation of muscle bulk

Getting cold a lot of bodies seems to happen to the woman because the muscle bulks are less than men. It has the opposite result to what was intended to getting cold because the muscle bulks decrease earlier than fat if weight is lowered by dieting.

Weight decreases consequentially because fat decreases when it moves and the muscle is put up and it changes into the muscle. As a result, it is effective in the cold syndrome of the body.

2007.12.01 The person with a little muscle bulk seems to be an excessive sensitivity to cold according to "Dismantlement new show" of NHK of broadcasting. It is clear that it is good for health to increase the muscle bulk.

Type of muscle and striate muscle and unstriped muscle

There are two kinds of muscles (the striate muscle and the unstriped muscle). Because the body can be supported, the movement be ruled, and the striate muscle be moved by the will, it is called the voluntary muscle.

The unstriped muscle is against the gut wall, the trachea wall, and the vessel wall, etc. and is called an internal organs muscle. Because it is not possible to move it by my will, it is called the involuntary muscle.

As for the striate muscle of the voluntary muscle, it is to explain in the future.

Kind and strengthening of striate muscle (velocity muscle fiber and slow muscle fiber)

Strengthening of velocity muscle fiber(anaerobics)

Being able to move the muscle even if oxygen is not replenished is a velocity muscle fiber. The feature at time that power can be put out though big power can be put out is to be able to shrink the muscle short, and quickly. In general, it is this muscle that is reinforced by strength training.

A muscular load is increased and it will train in a short time.

Strengthening of slow muscle fiber(aerobics)

Moving it while taking oxygen in the muscle is a slow muscle fiber. The feature though a muscular contractile rate can put out only small power late is to be able to put out power continuously. Even if strength training is done, it is not reinforced at once.

A muscular load is reduced, a long time is put, and it trains.

Way of strength training

The expansion of the muscle (in the super-recovery)

Muscular power can be strengthened by strength training even if becoming aged. The muscle fiber when the load is given ..plasmotomy.. is partially destroyed to the muscle. However, this determination tears and when recovered, is restored the muscle fiber to only a little fat muscle fiber.

The muscle fiber thickens by repeating this and the muscle strengthens greatly. This phenomenon is called a super-recovery.

Principle of overload

When it expands, muscular power is not effective only by the multiplication of the same load by the muscle indefinitely to make the muscle strong. Muscular power strengthens gradually by gradually increasing the load to the muscle. This is called the principle of the overload.

Isometric (static) training

It is called isometric ( Isometric ) training to strengthen muscular power without changing the length of the entire muscle. It is the one to do strength training by the static condition by pulling the one that doesn't expand and contract like the rope as the one that doesn't move like the desk and the pillar, etc. is pushed.

It is said that it only has to do this operation once during about seven seconds and days by 70% or more of maximum muscle strength. It is an easy method because it can do easily in the room of the train.

Isotonic (dynamic) training

Training that builds muscular strength by moving it by the muscle by using the load of constant weight is called isotonic ( dynamic Isotonic) training.

It is called dynamic train because it builds muscular strength with the muscle moved. Because the muscle is moved in various movements in general sports, it can be said that this training will be done. It runs, it flies, and time and the place are necessary.

Strength training in daily life

Not lasting long easily though the muscle can be put up even if strength training is done hard every day is eternal. It is an ideal that muscular power is naturally strengthened in daily life.

Walking to the station by commuting of doing the dog-walking every day is general. I think that it is a method of effective, and lasting long if these are made positive even a little.

When the method of doing strength training more positively makes the place where it lives as changing into work to often use muscular power by the occupation on the mountain or lives in the upstairs of the apartment house, muscular power is naturally reinforced in daily life.

A heavy thing is daily carried, and it is a repair, construction, and there is considerably necessary work of power because the appliance dealer is working by me. Moreover, because work in the fields is done in the field on Sunday, the muscle is moderately daily used. It is thought that it healthily got a good job.

Muscular power has been effectively strengthened by slow training.

Slow training is a method of the slow training without so multiplying the load. The blood style in the muscle decreases thus, it enters the state of hypoxia, and the number of lactic acids increases. As a result, it seems to be able to strengthen the muscle easily by a lot of growth hormones' being secreted from the brain.

This method is that the same effect as training that multiplies a big load and does exists. It seems just to be good only to move the body slowly by feeling like t'ai chi chuan.

I hear that the effect that the body fat decreases especially was large when aerobics like walking and the cycling, etc. were done after training.

Basal metabolic rate and body fat percentage

The basal metabolic rate goes up when the muscle adheres. The body fat percentage naturally falls because it consumes a lot of eaten calories when the basal metabolic rate goes up.

The cold strengthens because generation of heat from the muscle increases when the number of muscles increases, too. It doesn't generate heat to fat.

The number of muscles decreases in the beginning in dieting though a young woman often diets. Lowering the body fat percentage as lowering weight by dieting builds muscular strength becomes a greatly healthy, beautiful body. Moreover, the appearance to walk looks coming to walking with long steps when developing muscularly, and youthful.