Prostate cancer (symptom, cause, diagnosis, and treatment)

The probability to generate the prostatic cancer by aging has risen. It is a lot of cancer in the cancer of 60-years-old or more man with. The probability discovered by the prostate-specific antigen test is high, and it is very important for 40-years-old or more man to receive the prostate-specific antigen test.

What is the prostate cancer?

It is one of the cancer  that occurs in the prostate. The prostate cancer has various histologic types' malignant tumors. The main one is a glandular carcinoma.

The prostate cancer accounts for about 3.5% of those who cancer die in Japan and the rapid increase tendency recently. However, the recovery rate is high comparatively one in cancer. The probability of developing has risen 50-years-old or more person.

The prostate cancer occupies man death person's top to the Europe and America people due to cancer with a high incidence. The morbidity rate increases rapidly by changing eating habits to Europe and America also in Japan.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is below soon, and is located about the bladder like surrounding the urethra by the internal organs that only the man has. Shape and the size look like the walnut well.

The function of the prostate makes a part of prostatic juice of semen, and does working that helps the motor function of the sperm.

Symptom of prostate cancer

There is often little subjective symptom in the first stage. When the value of PSA of the blood test is high, the prostate cancer is doubted. It often becomes an inability to urinate when progressing, and it is likely to metastasize to the lymph node and the bone.

Cause of prostate cancer

The identical person kind is thought to be one caused by meal from the morbidity rate different by the difference of the region where it lives. The meal of high fat becomes the risk of the prostate cancer. It is said that the intake of dairy products too much will improve the risk of the prostate cancer.

It is thought that the inheritance is one of the causes. The possibility of getting prostate cancer in the future rises when there is prostate cancer in the kinsman.

The benign prostatic hypertrophy that the value of the prostate-specific antigen test rises doesn't become the risk of the prostate cancer.

Inspection and diagnosis of prostate cancer

The prostate-specific antigen test (one of the blood tests) and examining in an interview, the rectal examination, and the ultrasonography, etc. are done and the prostate cancer is diagnosed. In general, The probability of the prostate cancer rises if PSA is 4.0 ng/ml or more.

The probability that the prostate cancer is found is generally about 30% in PSA (4ng/ml-10ng/ml). Moreover, it is estimated at about 50% in PSA 10-20ng/ml.

Treatment of prostate cancer

In the treatment of the prostate cancer, there is a hormonal therapy that decreases the action of the male hormone. Additionally, there are a removal, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, etc. by the surgical operation.

It was said that earlier detection was difficult because the sickness and the symptom "Benign prostatic hypertrophy" looked like this cancer well. However, the example of the discovery at the early stage has increased by the spread of the prostate-specific antigen test recently.