Really scary, hypersensitivity of tooth

Stimulation is transmitted to the nerve through the tube of dental tubule, and when the gum pulls by periodontitis etc. and the substantia eburnea becomes baring, it is painful and I come to feel seeing as for doing though the substantia eburneas of teeth are covered with a hard, strong enamel. This is perceiving hypersensitive.

Hypersensitive mechanism for perception

Teeth do and it sees because the nerve that exists in teeth feels stimulation. There is usually no what receives stimulation only to drink the cool water because the nerve is not on the surface.

However, it is open in teeth the hole. It has done and as many as 20,000 small holes of about one micron in the diameter seem to have become empty in 1mm corner on surfaces of seen teeth.

To send nourishment to the substantia eburneas of teeth, a lot of tubes "Dental tubule" are open. When the substantia eburnea goes out to the surface by some causes, the dental tubule comes out into the open. A hypersensitive immediate cause for perception is an exposure of the dentin.

Hypersensitive cause for perception (destruction of enamel)

Enamel is a very hard material, it takes not reduce simply rub toothpaste. However, clamp one's teeth together, it takes great strength to the teeth, the strain is concentrated around the base.

Take such forces repeatedly causes tiny scratches on enamel. From there, I would scrub and enamel thinned with the toothpaste.

The person etc. who grind teeth when the match of the god with teeth is a person, is a sports player who applies power to a bad, specific teeth, and is asleep enter this state easily.

Hypersensitive cause for perception (periodontitis and pyorrhea alveolaris)

If the gum falls by periodontitis etc. , and roots of teeth go out, the substantia eburnea becomes baring. Then, it comes to perceive it hypersensitivity.

Pyorrhea alveolaris deteriorates if doing and seeing unpleasantly do the tooth polish with unassuming modesty, the substantia eburnea is exposed in addition, and it gets caught in a vicious circle. Please note that pyorrhea alveolaris might negatively affect the sicknesses of whole bodies such as cardiac infarction and diabetics.

Hypersensitive cause for perception (wedged shape loss)

Enamel and the substantia eburnea in the root parts of teeth are greatly cut down when the rasp is polished putting up the toothpaste medicine though the substantia eburnea has been exposed, and it lacks literally in wedged shape.

It happens actually though a wedged shape loss had been thought to happen only because of brushing teeth too much until recently when there are destruction of enamel like the above-mentioned, periodontitis, and pyorrhea alveolaris, and is brushing teeth too much.

It is more dangerous that the pain disappears.

It is assumed that hypersensitive perception is left for a while and doesn't see. This is because the dental tubule is closed with the crystal of the mineral such as calcium. This calcium component is supplied by the dental pulp in saliva and teeth.

It solves ..this.. and stimulation from surfaces of teeth puts down and transmitting hypersensitive perception is put down gradually. Periodontitis and a wedged shape loss might deteriorate fast before it notices because it did not feel the pain.

The substantia eburnea becomes it is becoming the decayed tooth when it is left to expose it easily because it is weaker than enamel.

You might not after the meal brush your teeth soon.

Teeth can last long by the way of the tooth polish even if the substantia eburnea goes out. It is not to brush teeth at once after the meal.

A lot of sour acid things are included in the meal. The substantia eburnea is especially weak to the acid, and teeth are soft in this acid immediately after the meal. When the tooth polish is done at once, it is possible to cut down easily with the toothbrush that put up the toothpaste medicine (abrasive ground) the rasp rub.

After the meal, when a few in is put, saliva neutralizes an acid, calcium is supplied to the substantia eburnea that became soft, and the substantia eburnea becomes hard as the former.

After it does after the meal by about one hour, a hypersensitive person for perception seems should polish especially though it was common sense to do the tooth polish soon after the meal in old times. You seem should after the meal rinse in the mouth by tea and water, lose the acid early, and make your teeth beautiful.

Way of good tooth polish

Good point toothpaste, brush one's teeth is important and frequent, than it is the quality of the toothpaste. At least one at least once a day, especially before bed toothpaste, tooth Shall I polish you may have missed completely.

Let's completely drop the dental plaque with the brush between the dental floss and teeth etc. to polish interdental neatly and polish.

Commuting to the dentist's office regularly (in half a year once) is also important because of the tooth health.