Cause of presbyopia and the method of prevention

It is usual that the presbyopia is added the age and develops. However, the age is also true the person who doesn't develop easily repeatedly and there is a person advanced by the presbyopia even if it is young. It thought about the presbyopia and the method of prevention.

What is the presbyopia ?

The presbyopia is that to say the presbyopia, and that it becomes easy to see neither the nearby thing nor the distant object generally. If it is roughness man, it is a symptom of senility that cannot steer around, and the difference of the level is a kind of the visual impairment.

It not only becomes difficult to see the vicinity but also it is not easy to see ..far.. and the feature are to become it. However, I think that I become difficult to see the vicinity generally it and notice it. The reason for the depth of field is that nearby is narrower (It is shallow), and the distance is wider (It is deep) originally when saying with the camera. It is the one besides the hyperopia only of not seeing the vicinity easily.

Cause of structure and presbyopia of eyeball

Cause of structure and presbyopia of eyeball

The structure of the eyeball is shown in this figure. There are corneas ahead most about eyeballs. It is a part of iris of the eye. Afterwards, there is a pupil that is called an iris in the furnace. It is a part in the Japanese brown in iris of the eye. Afterwards, there is a transparent crystalline lens that corresponds to the lens in the camera in the furnace.

The main cause of presbyopia is therefore less resilient to decline with aging of the lens control functions are convex and transparent role in the eye.

The mechanism that the thing is seen by eyes is as follows.

The thickness of the crystalline lens is adjusted by the muscle of ciliary when the thing is seen by eyes like this and the focus has been matched to the retina. When the vicinity is seen, the crystalline lens is thickened and it focuses the camera, and when the distance is seen, the crystalline lens is thinned and it focuses the camera.

It is the one that is called the state that this musculus ciliaris and the crystalline lens grow old and the thickness of the lens cannot be adjusted well a presbyopia. It enters the state not seen easily in the vicinity far therefore.

Symptom of presbyopia

As for the presbyopia, nearby characters such as books and the newspapers that have been seen up to now become hard to see. Moreover, it becomes easy to become tired eyes. It comes to look good when separating a little far away. The symptom of the presbyopia is following.

Prevention of presbyopia (method of delaying becoming presbyopia)

The eye trouble actually felt that the nutritional balance was important.

It doesn't limit to the presbyopia and the nourishment of the eye trouble is very important. I was the wife's hospitalization, and had time when eating habits had fallen into disorder in 45-years old time. It was said, "It was a start of the presbyopia" when eyesight just at this time fell suddenly, and it hung to the ophthalmology department.

The symptom at this time noticed it though it was one that the Chuou Line of the road was near driving though it was two when going to the distance. Moreover, the character with detailed schematic diagram while the television was repaired came to hate it a very seeing. Moreover, eyes are very tired.

However, eyesight returned to the origin at once when the wife left hospital and it became a well-balanced meal. It becomes in coming of the 60th birthday already now and it has not become a presbyopia yet. It sees it without glasses near ..far... Having been said by the ophthalmologist, "It is a start of the presbyopia" made a mistake about the ophthalmologist.

Method of treatment of presbyopia

It is spectacles for the aged and far and near two-way usual to use glasses and the contact lens for the presbyopia when becoming a presbyopia. The presbyopia is the same as there is no method of treatment of aging because the cause is aging and there is basically no method of treatment of the presbyopia.

However, the presbyopia treatment and the presbyopia operation of art of the conductibility cornea formation have come to be performed also in Japan in recent years. It is possible to delay the process of growing old by doing a balanced meal, and I believe that that is a good direction for the whole body though I might become an age when it need not rely on spectacles for the aged and the bifocals.