The medical treatment and the prevention method of conjunctivitis

I am a constitution which gets allergic conjunctivitis easily. It is conjunctivitis once in several years. With conjunctivitis, it was investigated whether there would be what kind of thing, its cure, and the prevention method.

About conjunctivitis

An eyeball can be moved vertically and horizontally. This is because the lubricant of a moderate margin and a tear is between an eyeball and an eyelid. A conjunctiva is a thin film which has connected the back side of an eyelid, and the surface of the eyeball. It is conjunctivitis that inflammation occurs in this conjunctiva.

Whenever the conjunctiva has opened eyes, it is touching the open air and has received the stimulus from the outside. The conjunctiva has become like the structure which can move an eyeball to a bag. For this reason, a foreign substance invades or it is easy to collect.
And it has always got wet for the tear. The inflammation by allergy etc. occurs easily that infection of bacteria or a virus occurs easily.

The kind and the medical treatment method of conjunctivitis

There are conjunctivitis viral, bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis, etc. in conjunctivitis.There is other chlamydial conjunctivitis (trachoma).Trachoma is hardly in fashion in advanced nations.

Conjunctivitis viral

A conjunctiva may be congested, a discharge from the eyes may come out, eyes of condition of conjunctivitis may swell up, or, as for it, a spot may be made on the back side of an eyelid. Eyes roll by the touch by which he got the speck of dust in the eye.

The lymph gland under an ear may become swollen. This is a typical condition of conjunctivitis viral. This falls ill mostly between summer.

Since there is no medicine which kills a virus directly, it treats using the eye drops which suppress condition and inflammation.Since there is what has very strong infectious capacity in the virus which causes conjunctivitis, it warns against moving to people.

Bacterial conjunctivitis

By the conjunctivitis by bacterial infection, a conjunctiva is congested and a discharge from the eyes comes out.The eye drops into which the antibiotic went unlike conjunctivitis viral are effective.

Allergic conjunctivitis

There is an immune function which eliminates a foreign substance from the first in a human body. When this immune function is sensitive, it is allergy that it is also going to eliminate a harmless thing.

Pollen, mold, ticks, dust, etc. may cause allergy.The condition of allergic conjunctivitis is almost the same as viral nature or bacterial conjunctivitis. However, since it becomes other allergy like nasal allergy, it understands.

In this case, it treats with the eye drops etc. of the steroid which suppresses the eye drops which stop allergy, and inflammation.

The prevention method of conjunctivitis

It is important for infectious conjunctivitis, such as viral nature and bacterialness, to wash a hand with soap well, in order to prevent infection, and to clean up eyes.It is not rubbing eyes in order not to damage, if you get a speck of dust in the eye.

In the case of allergic conjunctivitis, it is most important to reduce house dust.It is striving to use a clean house from every day.Even a cold day should open a window, should improve ventilation and let's freshen the air of the room.

I hear that it is good also for allergy and prevention of conjunctivitis to carry out the meal which is said from ancient times and which lived a regular life and maintained balance after all, to develop physical strength, and to live a healthy life.

Let's make it not move epidemic conjunctivitis to people.

First, don't rub eyes. Let's make it not touch eyes. Eyes will become itchy if you get conjunctivitis. We touch eyes without being conscious. Let's make it not touch patiently.

Next, it is important to wash a hand well. A family's person also needs to wash a hand with running water using soap. Let's also set aside a towel each one. Probably, a towel will be good to use a disposable paper towel.