Therapeutic exercise of osteoarthritis of the knee

It is a current state in the osteoarthritis of the knee that there are quite a lot of worriers. I am annoyed from the articular rheumatism to the pain in the right leg in the transformable knee joint. The person of the osteoarthritis of the knee should have moved by me or worries about whether I should move anything.

What is the osteoarthritis of the knee?

The osteoarthritis of the knee decreases by the decrease, aging, obesity, and the articular rheumatism etc. of muscular power the function of the articulatio genus, causes the transformation and the plasmotomy by the board at the knee cartilage and the half month, and hurts.

There are two kinds with the one that happens because the board prints by the prolonged use little by little at the cartilage of the articulatio genus and the half month, it decreases, and it transforms it though it is caused by other causes such as the injuries of the articular rheumatism and the knee.

Symptom of osteoarthritis of the knee

The symptom is found by going up and down the stairs first of all and beginning walk as it hurts, and sitting straight and posture in which it squats down become painful. The symptom of an excessive stay etc. of stiffening of the knee when getting up and the knee joint fluid might go out when the sickness progresses. In addition, when the symptom progresses, it becomes intense painful because the thighbone and the shinbone rub directly.

It is said that the person of 60 percent 40-years-old or more is experiencing the pain in the joint of the knee. The woman develops in a lot of 1.5-2 times compared with the man.

Therapeutic exercise of osteoarthritis of the knee

As for the leg raising movement of the therapeutic exercise, it is confirmed that there is an excellent effect as treatment of the osteoarthritis of the knee though the therapeutic exercise to the osteoarthritis of the knee had not been so valued before.

The purpose to do the movement treatment is to strengthen the muscle that supports the joint, and to lighten the load that rests upon the joint. The muscle becomes weak in addition if it doesn't move because it has a pain in the knee, and the transformation of the joint progresses.

Basis of therapeutic exercise of osteoarthritis of the knee

The therapeutic exercise is combined the following items, is done, and moves according to the symptom of a degree of the symptom and an individual patient.

An initial therapeutic exercise loses weight by aerobics after applying muscular power of doing mainly strength training. These movements are made to be going to do the stretch later, and to keep flexibility.

As for the therapeutic exercise of middle term and the progress period, the stretch becomes a center. Strength training and aerobics choose the one with a little load of the knee and make it not overwork.

Strength training

Strength training is to support the knee, and to strengthen the quadriceps muscle of thigh that controls the movement of the knee chiefly.

To reed the movement of the knee, and to keep flexibility, the stretch is done.

To reinforce a decrease and muscular power, aerobics such as the walking, cyclings, and underwater walking are done about weight to lighten the load of the knee. The osteoarthritis of the knee is not improved easily when there is obesity.

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Treatment by the antiphlogistic temporarily becomes an effective adjunctive therapy though it doesn't become fundamental treatment. The antiphlogistic suppresses the inflammation, and there is working that prevents the bone being destroyed.

The joint water syndrome that the joint fluid collects in the knee is received some stimulation by the synovial membrane with which the inside of the joint is covered, exhausts a large amount of joint fluid, and happens. In addition, the number of joint fluids increases because it stimulates the synovial membrane when water has collected. To sever this vicious circle, joint fluids collected in the knee might be pulled out by the injection syringe.

In the treatment of the knee arthropathy, it is also important to improve the heat insulation of the knee and the circulation of the blood of the knee besides the above-mentioned therapeutic exercise. I think that you should keep your knee warm by using the supporter. It might be also good that the knee is vibrated little by little.

Cause of osteoarthritis of the knee

It is said that a decrease of estrogen might be an appearance of disease factor for the woman. Moreover, an inherited influence is researched.

To understand surely is to often develop by the movement that overworks the board and the cartilage at the half month of the knee. Moreover, the load of a board at an inside half month and an inside cartilage increases and it is easy to develop because weight concentrates in the knee and it takes to the person of the bowleg.

Obesity causes the board and the cartilage for weight to increase the load to the knee, and to be hurt at the half month.

The joint might be destroyed due to the articular rheumatism and injury of the knee, etc. and it become an osteoarthritis of the knee.