Heat shock protein

This is thought the improvement of the immunity by the elevation in body temperature by an increase of the heat shock protein though it has been said that a moderate for a long time movement is good for health.

What is heat shock protein?

Heat shock protein seems to be a material of which number exists in all almost cells, and increases by the elevation in body temperature. Moreover, the heat shock protein seems to play an important role to the control of the immune function.

The heat shock protein increases by the temperature rise more than constancy. It can be thought that the heat shock protein increases when heat is generated due to cold etc. , the immunity improves, and it recovers.

If the temperature is raised once or twice, the immunity recovers from an illness, improves, and is effective in dieting. Moreover, it recovers, and there seems to be an effect of atopy improvement though it strikes, too.

I hear that the protein was damaged by various factors such as pressure, an active oxygen, a mental stress, the radiation, ultraviolet rays, the low oxygen, PH, and heat. It seems to restore the protein of this damaged cell and to strengthen the heat shock protein.

Relation between warm rules of health and body's heat regulating mechanism

The function to keep the temperature to be constant because man is an isothermal animal is provided. Therefore, the temperature cannot be raised and be lowered easily. However, the temperature goes up if heat more than the temperature adjustment function is applied.

It is very dangerous to raise the temperature forcibly. If the temperature goes up, it becomes easy to be able to have the thrombus, and becomes Heat Disorder. When warm rules of health are practiced, it is necessary to note not doing too much.

Effect of blood vessel rejuvenescent in harmony temperature treatment

After it enters the sauna of 60℃ and the temperature is raised at about 1℃, the harmony temperature treatment keeps the body warm for 30 minutes. It is the purpose is done that the blood vessel is made to rejuvenate by improving the blood stream. The blood vessel is softened to the harmony temperature treatment, and there is an effect to lower blood pressure. It becomes high blood pressure and there is danger of cardiac infarction and the cerebral infarction when the blood vessel becomes hard.

The mechanism that the blood vessel rejuvenates is as follows. The body lets heat go and works so that the blood stream may improve when the body is warmed and the temperature goes up. NO (nitric monoxide) comes out from the inner wall of the blood vessel at this time. There is working to which the blood vessel is enhanced in this nitric monoxide. And, the blood vessel becomes soft. In a word, the blood vessel rejuvenates.

Time to raise the temperature by bathing at 1℃ is about 13 parts only of the hot water of 40℃ it. Moreover, when it is use of the carbonic acid bath oil of 40℃ together with the hot water, it seeming is about 9 and a half minutes.

It might be done that this is done too much per hot water and stop forcibly entering for a long time, please. Especially, please consult about a sick person with the heart with the doctor.

The temperature elevation is effective even if moving.

The elasticity of the blood vessel seems to have improved by 15% in three weeks when walking while singing through one's nose on on 30   weeks of the minute of a day the third. Because the blood stream improves even if moving, and the temperature goes up in this, the blood vessel rejuvenescent is effective.

Moreover, the heat shock protein seems to increase when the movement to which the load more than constancy hangs is done. This seems to have been proven though it had been said that a moderate for a long time movement was good for health.