Effect of walking

Walking can do by everyone every day by a very easy movement, and can resume one's health by walking. It is the one to slip into poor health rapidly when it becomes impossible to walk oppositely.

Walking is a fullbody motion.

Because walking uses only the foot, do not you think becoming only the movement of the foot?Walking uses the muscle of the whole body though it understands if actually walking. I understand it has a pain in not only the foot but also the arm and the waist and stomach muscles at 40km or more a day when finishing walking though I have walked.

Because the heart and lungs are used by walking, it exactly becomes a fullbody motion. Moreover, because it is not a vigorous exercise, the load of the heart can be also light as run. It is possible to move like me even due to valvular heart disease.

Effective walking

It is said that it only has to do walking continuously for 30 minutes or more. However, it is not so effective to have done too idly. Still, the effect is a little if not walking a moderate speed.

The speed is hastened and it walks walking usually. The person who can do may walk like the competitive walking. The starting momentum is fairly different even if walking fast. In a word, walking becomes aerobics. I think that walking to the station at a trot by commuting is very reasonable. Because it is possible to move by an imperceptible process the 1st and every day.

Effect of walking

It is pleasant, and understands the body lightens afterwards when walking even of pulling out a detailed reason. Seeming goodness for healthy is clear also even in the amateur. About 10,000 steps a day are the one where it wants to walk. It is effective also in dieting.

Effect of stress reduction

There is a stress reduction as an effect of walking. It is a contemporary society that the stress builds up even if it leaves it. It is related to the stress hormone secreted in the brain.

When about 20-30 minutes pass since it begins to walk, neurotransmitters such as dopamine and the beta endorphins that are called a drug in the pleasure hormone or the brain in the brain come to be secreted.

These hormones defend the brain from the stress hormone like the noradrenaline. It is understood that walking is effective in the stress in a scientific manner.

Improvement and protective efficacy of high blood pressure syndrome

In general, it is said the high blood pressure syndrome for highest blood pressure 140mmHg or more and lowest blood pressure 90mmHg or more. High blood pressure..long..heart..brain..kidney..crucial influence..cause..attention..necessary.

It is true that there is an effect to lower blood pressure known well according to walking. The cardiorespiratory function is made a body that doesn't become high blood pressure of improving easily by aerobics by walking.

Effect of improving cardiorespiratory function

It is understood that the possibility of becoming a heart disease in the person with long distance where it walks in daily life is low. It seems to be effective that the improvement and the cardiorespiratory function of the heart disease rise because the blood pressure comes to stabilize by walking, and the effect of the improvement of the cholesterol in the blood etc. is tempered.

Ameliorating effect of liver function

It is said that GOT and the GPT value in which the more it walks, the more the health condition of the liver is shown lower. Moreover, the number of those who are the fatty liver before it knows because of the overeating has increased. The therapeutic exercise that improves these walks.

Improvement and protective efficacy of diabetic

The insulin secreted by pancreas is insufficient, and the sickness that is disturbed the action and becomes high levels of sugar is called a diabetic. Glucose in blood is consumed by walking, it lowers the level of sugar in the blood, the lipid metabolism is made active, and working of insulin is activated.

The hyperlipemia is an improvement and:Protective efficacy of arteriosclerosis.

An extra calorie is accumulated in the inside of the body because a lot of people are the overeatings and lack of physical activity and the current state overweight. An effective movement is easy walking to obesity. It is said that the enzyme that resolves blood intermediate middle fat by walking can be activated.

The aging prevention effect of the bone in strength.

The lower body weakens when the movement's of the body worsening when the age goes up, sitting or sleeping always. Then, the entire body weakens and, in addition, aging advances. A moderate load is multiplied by the bone when walking, the bone is made strong, and moving ability is improved.

It becomes easy to become osteoporosis even if it is not so when becoming an elderly person. Walking that walks on the outside while sunbathing to prevent this might be the best.