How to take away verruca (wart)

It is the one about which it is anxious when wart makes it to the scruff of the neck and the face. Not disappearing easily is usual though it is likely to disappear naturally even if it leaves it. It was heard that there was a method of binding wart's foundation with the string and taking away wart, and took it actually.

What is wart (verruca)?

Wart (verruca) is tumor that can be done by human papillomavirus infection, and so-called Can "One" made skinThe one usually made hands and feet, the neck, and a face is called verruca vulgaris.

Method of binding wart's foundation with string and taking away wart

Method of binding wart's foundation with string and taking away wart

This is very usual wart who made it to the scruff of the neck. Foundation has become thin when anxious and feeling after wart. It bound with the cotton string because it was thought that it seemed to be able to take it at once when binding with the string.

After it binds, these photographs are the passage of about 12 hours. The string was only usually bound once. To bind tightly every several hours, it strangled it.

There is no pain now though there are some pains when strangling it. It is feeling that deteriorates the circulation of the blood to wart, and makes to the starving strategy. wart has become hard little by little small.

36 hours after wart is restricted with the string

36 hours after wart is restricted with the string

After 36 hours, it is a state after this restricts wart with the string. wart has become small a little blacking it. It seems to be a little hard.

After all, wart can take it with [porori] in about four days. There was no pain at all. There is sideways small wart as soon as it often sees. This is this time taken.

The string also has information with better silk thread. There is information that the hair is thin and strong, too. Because I am not trying, I do not understand. Because a black string is more unremarkable, the cotton string might be good.

Treatment of wart by dermatology (cryotherapy)

In dermatology, it freezes with the liquid nitrogen to take away wart and the corn and taking is general. After it freezes and the cell is killed out holding the cotton bud to contain the liquid nitrogen to wart and the corn, it removes. It is possible to take it surely though there are the cold and some pains. However, it is necessary to go regularly to hospital many times.

Wart is taken away with the medicine such as [ibokorori].

The drugstore etc. There is a method of painting the medicine sold by the brand name such as [Ibokorori] and taking away wart. It doesn't limit to wart, and the octopus and the corn can be taken. It takes days how many and it is possible to reduce it little by little.

The usage of [ibokorori] is spread on the diseased part a day several times by one drop. It becomes soft and it ..extent without the pain.. removes as the cell that dies out is polite. This is continued for several days.