Hanging rules of health

I think that the person whom a nostalgic sound does to hear word "It hangs and healthy machine" is a lot of. The hanging rules of health that became popular in the 1975's (In around 1980) are advocated by Mr. Shiotani, professor of Nihon College of Health and Physical Education, and have spread.

As for this healthy machine, it went out of use rapidly, and the house came to be embarrassed with the depository afterwards. Did this "Hanging rules of health" become not effective?I do not think of curettage. I think that I am very effective.

The pain and the obesity of the body are canceled with the horizontal bar.

  In work, it manages the electric appliance shop, and the thing of not deeply in debt is frequent the next day when heavy home appliance was carried.
  The horizontal bar is set up in home several years ago, and hanging continues the lower half of the body while having hung and has continued ten seconds to previous chinning exercises five-ten times squarely for ten seconds twice in the morning and evening by the bend geostationary.
  There was no thing that the neck becomes painful at all, and it became a muscular physique though it did not move, and the body fat percentage decreased with a jerk besides since then, too. The condition of the body is also very good.

This is a contribution article on me published in the November edition in 2000 PHP magazine "My rules of health". It does chinning exercises ten times in the morning and evening now. I think that I can do at any time if it is 20 times or more.

Example of installing horizontal bar on entrance of the stairs

Example of installing horizontal bar on entrance of the stairs

I installed the horizontal bar in the entrance of the stairs. It installed it in a stainless stick of Φ32mm with metal fittings for the handrail.

Please adjust the mounting hardware to three places or more. Please put up the machine screw of the turn stop.

I do not think that I forget to hang because it doesn't usually disturb, and I am noticeable at the time of the going up getting off of the stairs if it is here.

Example of installing horizontal bar on entrance of room on edge of passage

Example of installing horizontal bar on entrance of room on edge of passage

This is an example of installing the horizontal bar in the entrance of the room on the edge of the passage. The mounting hardware is four places. Please install it in the place there is big wood in the wall, and with strength.

Now, it is possible to hang at any time if the horizontal bar is put up to the house like this though it hangs and a healthy machine is not bought.

Effect of hanging

Man came originally to walk by two feet after it came to have stood upright though he walked by four feet like the beast. Therefore, a lot of trouble came to go out physically.

The spine should support a heavy head, and the main portion of weight hangs under the lumbar vertebra. The person came to support the change that took place to such a body by power that boned and was muscular. Therefore, tiredness joins the bone and the muscle from the back to the waist when the same posture is continued for a long time.

The nerve from the brain goes from among the spine. The spine's strangely bending might deteriorate the function of various organs of the body by hurting the nerve in the spine, and deteriorating working of the nerve.

The hanging rules of health have the effect of recovering various functions of the body by curing the distortion and collapsing of such a spine, and putting up the muscle.

Moreover, man had his hand and the operation that raised, and hung up like the monkey was not done so much. Therefore, it became easy to become 40 shoulders and frozen shoulders from the lack of physical activity of the joint of the shoulder.

The joint of the shoulder tends to harden if it doesn't move it. Let's hang every day and try to prevent 40 shoulders and frozen shoulders. It is effective also in the reinforcement of arm muscles.

About a inverted hanging healthy machine

Recently, a inverted hanging healthy machine seems to be marketed. This might not change so much with handstand though it is the considerably expensive one.

I think that there is both handstand and hanging effects because the ankle is supported and I hang. It might be good for the person who cannot stand on one's head alone.

The main body becomes like the seesaw, the ankle is fixed, and the under is turned upside down to the movement of center of gravity. The angle can be adjusted to the state that inclines from a vertical state of handstand a little.