Stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer and Helicobacter Pylori

The stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer are called an ulcus pepticum. It is likely to enter the state that is digested the stomach and the duodenal wall by acid in the stomach in a word and is damaged. It has seemed that the balance of the defensive function that defends the attack of acid in the stomach to the stomach wall and the wall of the stomach tears and the ulcer happens so far. However, it is clarified of relations of the bacillus of helicobacter pylori in the stomach between the occurrence and the relapse of the ulcer recently.

The stomach ulcer : with the duodenal ulcer.

The gastric juice is made of a very strong acid to be called acid in the stomach. To defend the stomach wall from his gastric juice that I put out, the stomach secretes viscous liquid.

When the balance of the defensive function that defends the attack of acid in the stomach to the stomach wall and the wall of the stomach collapses by some causes, my stomach wall is violated with my acid in the stomach.

The hole might pierce through the stomach wall during lightness when the mucous membrane punctures, it reaches even the muscular coat under that, and it becomes more awful when progressing though it is extent where the surface of the mucous membrane is a little sore.

The duodenal wall becomes as well as the case of the stomach wall, too and, in this case, it becomes a duodenal ulcer .

The stomach ulcer:Symptom of the duodenal ulcer.

In the symptom of the stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer, the pain in the fall is general only hungry. Vomiting, the chest, disregarding, stomachache, anorexia, the unpleasantness of the abdomen, and the back might become painful.

When the wound is deep, and it bleeds from the blood vessel of the stomach, it blackens, and feces vomit blood. The pain might not be accompanied unusually. There was a person who had not noticed it for tens of years until the hole opened in the stomach by the colleague at the previous company work.

The stomach ulcer:Cause of the duodenal ulcer.

An acute ulcer happens because of a pain reliever said a sudden stress and immediately before, a febrifuge, a steroid, an antibiotic, a cold medicine, stimulated food, and alcohol, etc.

The ulcer of the chronicity is the one generally called an ulcer syndrome, and the one to assume disorder and the Helicobacter Pylori of the defensive function that defends the following attacks of acid in the stomach to the stomach wall and walls of the stomach to be a cause.

The stomach and the duodenum are very delicate internal organs. It is the one that even only the mental stress becomes in a slump. Of course, it is likely to develop an ulcer with worsening of the circulation of blood of the mucous membrane by long-term taking etc. of the medicines such as the aspirins and antibiotics, and decreases of working of mucus and the mucous membrane.

In a recent established theory, it has been understood for the mucous membrane to receive stimulation with the alkaline ammonia that the bacillus of helicobacter pylori where it lives in the mucus of the stomach produces with the urea and to become the groundwork of the stomach ulcer. Moreover, the stomach cancer is said that Helicobacter Pylori's influence is large.

The stomach ulcer:Diagnosis of the duodenal ulcer.

It is difficult to diagnose it only from the symptom, and the diagnosis with the endoscope (gastrocamera) is necessary and certain. Helicobacter pylori can be incidentally inspected.

Because there is the one that looked like cancer in the stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer, too pathology that takes a part of the mucous membrane and examines it is inspected (endoscopy). When abnormality is felt in the stomach and the abdomen, the stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer consult a physician the digestive tract internal medicine as soon as possible because recovering is also early lightly.

The stomach ulcer:Treatment of the duodenal ulcer. (Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination)

The treatment of the stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer was basic in the age with only the antacid tablet that neutralized an old acid of treatment the rest and the dietetic treatment.

Afterwards, having appeared as a medicine that controlled the secretion of acid in the stomach was H2 blocker, and the proton pump inhibitor next (PPI) appeared. It came to recover easily only by taking these medicines only if the ulcer was cured.

There is a medicine that improves the medicine and the blood stream that protects the mucous membrane besides these medicines. When it begins to take these medicines, the painful symptom is settled at once. The ulcer doesn't recover when the medicine is stopped even if the symptom can be taken.

Most ulcers recover if these medicines are taken for a certain period. However, when taking medicine is suitably stopped, the possibility of relapsing is high. According to circumstances, it is likely to have to keep drinking through life.

Exactly that's right in my case. I became a duodenal ulcer many times, and got to 25-years old time saying whether to change work from the doctor it kept taking the medicine all my life.

Afterwards, it is clarified to be suppressed. relapse ..bacteria elimination.. ..becoming empty.. ulcer of helicobacter pylori in the stomach in [ru]After [shi] of the except bacterium Helicobacter Pylori of February, 1999, I became without relation to the duodenal ulcer.

Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination in medical institution (removal)

The except bacterium treatment only drinks the antibiotic etc.It is a proton pump inhibitor ([omepura-ru] and [takepuron]) that controls the secretion of acid in the stomach and treatment of medicine using together ..drinking.. for 1-2 weeks ..[amokishirin] and [kurarisuromaishin] of the antibiotic...

The resistant microbe to these antibiotics seems to be likely to appear recently and to fail in the bacteria elimination. Moreover, it is a cause that the medicine is not taken at the decided amount and the decided time and smoking fails in the bacteria elimination. The success rate of the bacteria elimination is about 90%.

The health insurance was applied to the bacteria elimination of long-awaited Helicobacter Pylori (removal).

The health insurance came to be applied to Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination in November, 2000. It is very joyous. It is a thing that the gastrocamera need not be drunk. Please consult the personal physician about stomach and intestines more in a slump and one with awful foul breath, etc.

Method of inspecting whether there is Helicobacter Pylori on stomach

Method of doing with endoscope (gastrocamera)

First of all, a part of the organization of the stomach is taken out from among the stomach with an endoscope (gastrocamera).

- Culture procedure----It is examined whether it cultures and there is Helicobacter Pylori.

- Microscopy method----It looks for Helicobacter Pylori with the microscope, and the accident caused by the Helicobacter Pylori of the tunica mucosa ventriculi is examined.

- Prompt urease examination method----The presence of ammonia is examined with the experimental drug of PH.

In these inspections, it is faults to take time for the thing and culture that uses the gastrocamera.

Method of not using endoscope (gastrocamera)

- Urea expiration examination method

  1. The signed urea is drunk with water by the carbon 13C of the isotope.
  2. The expiration will be gathered in about 20 minutes.
  3. Carbon isotopes in 13C breath test for the presence of labeled carbon dioxide.

This method is the one that it was applied the resolution of Helicobacter Pylori of the urea and the possession of the enzyme such as ammonias and the produces carbon dioxide ureases. The patient's load is a small, and precision is high method. It is the best for the inspection after the except bacterium.

13C of the isotope doesn't have the radioactivity compared with the carbon 12C usual and be safe. It exists at the rate of about 1.1% also in the natural world.

- Antibody examination method

The presence of the antibody to Helicobacter Pylori is examined from blood and urine.

This method cannot be used for the inspection after the except bacterium for a while because the antibody reaction goes out even if there is no Helicobacter Pylori.

What is the Helicobacter Pylori?

Helicobacter Pylori is a bacillus that lives in man's stomach. It means the spiral It means   helico   bacteria (bacillus) It   consists of   bacter.

It was thought that the asepsis because of strong acid in the stomach in the stomach so far. However, it neutralized with ammonia that voluntarily produced this acid and the existence of the Helicobacter Pylori that settled in the mucous membrane of the stomach came to be known.

It is said that about 60 million people are infected Helicobacter Pylori in Japan. It is said that the person of Japanese 70-80%50-year-old or more has been infected with this bacterium.

Effect on Helicobacter Pylori of LG21 yogurt

The lactic acid bacterium named LG21 that kills the Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach directly is discovered, and the yogurt made based on it is being put on the market by Meiji Dairies. The LG21 yogurt has a wonderful effect by Helicobacter Pylori, and my family disappears by foul breath, becomes beautiful the tongue, and seems is also very good the condition of stomach and intestines. The page is separately made about Helicobacter Pylori and see that, please.

The stomach ulcer:Prevention of the duodenal ulcer.