Function and maintenance method of nose hair

The nose hair is a fat, short hairs that have grown in the nasal cavity. Generally, the problem might happen to externals and the function though it is thought that it is necessary and grows if it doesn't maintain it.

Function of nose hair

The function of the nose hair is to remove the corpuscle dust, dust, and in air like the filter of the air conditioner when first inhaling air.

Next, the nose hair gets wet because of the steam included in the breath when the breath is vomited from the nose, it inhales from the nose, moisture is replenished with the air breathed in when crowding, and there is working that collects the moisture of the vomited expiration.

Moreover, the heat included in the vomited breath is collected by the nose hair, and the function to warm the air breathed in is provided, too. It is thought that the nose hair does an important role like this.

This is not well-grounded, and [gen] cause is the aging of the nasal mucosa is ..main.... though said breathing in air with which the city is dirty or the daily life that breathes in dust, and becoming the nose hair long.

Method of maintaining nose hair

maintaining nose hair

When the nose hair is made postponing, it dashes out from the hole of the nose and it becomes very unsightly. Even I also have others it is not only anxious but also have unpleasant time.

The nose hair is often pulled out without using the tool by the hand. Because this hurts the mucous membrane of the nose, I think that you should stop it. Bacteria might enter from pores pulled out. Moreover, the pain is natural when pulling out the hairs in one's nostrils.

The nose hair can be maintained easily safely by using the nose hair cutter like this photograph though the nose hair can be cut also with scissors etc.

You can cut the nose hair in comfort and low prices. Often, it is those running on batteries. I have never used rechargeable batteries instead of batteries. And for the debacle. Is considered to be good in rechargeable nose hair cutter is the only safe not using rechargeable batteries.

The voltage decreases suddenly when the battery capacity disappears when a rechargeable battery is used, and the motor stops suddenly. The nose hair is pulled out, and it comes to remaining scissors it, and the nose hair cutter cannot be pulled out because it is painful. It comes to remove the blade from the nose hair somehow or other quietly detaching the blade of the nose hair. I became this as much as two degrees. There is no what the motor suddenly stops like this on the way because the voltage decreases gradually in the dry battery.

Effect of maintaining nose hair (shortening nose hair)

When the nose hair is left extended, it looks sloppy. The unpleasantness is given to others. As for the nasal function, how about cutting the nose hair also though externals are effective?

You seem should cut it functionally with the nose hair lengthened moderately. Saying doesn't especially have the sinus problem by me, and the nasal liquid might occur a little though the nose is one with a good condition though it doesn't sometimes have the cold. At this time, the nose often passes when the nose hair is maintained, and the nose hair is cut and the condition is good.

This is likely to stimulate the lining of the nose hair. Matsuge reverse (inverted eyelash), I think similar to what goes out of the eyes.

Of course, I do not think it is good when the nose hair is shortened too much. I think only that it is not I that the condition of the nose improves when the nose hair is moderately cut. Will you also try?

The standard of the pain that man feels is the one when nose hair is pulled out.

The standard of the pain that man feels seems to be a pain when the nose hair is pulled. It is defined, "Pain felt when the nose hair of one centimeter in length is pulled in a perpendicular direction by the power of one newton" is "1 nose hair". It is an unbelievable story when thinking for a moment.

It seems to be 2.5-3.2 Mega hanage the corner of the little toe compared with this pain in one nose hair ..the pain when throwing it.. ..the pain at 2-3K hanage and birth... Birth seems to be painful. Though I do not understand.