Sickness of pancreas (acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis)

The main working of pancreas is to secrete insulin, to control the blood sugar level, and to the digestive enzyme. It is likely to suffer because of pancreas because of alcohol. Then, the function of pancreas might fall, and the diabetic be caused.

What is an acute pancreatitis?

Digestive enzyme "Trypsin" that pancreas might cause the accident, and it lend it voluntarily. This is called an acute pancreatitis.

It is a drinker that the risk that becomes an acute pancreatitis is the highest as for alcohol. The risk of an acute pancreatitis increases to about two beer large bottles every day.

1st place of the cause of an acute pancreatitis is "Alcohol", and 2nd place is "Gallstone."

Danger of getting an acute pancreatitis increases when alcohol is drunk by 60g or more every day. (If it is a beer, it is about 1.2 liters. If it is sake, about 2 combinations more. If it is wine, they are about 3 cups in the glass.)

Moreover, when you drink alcohol at a time by 100g or more. The risk of acute pancreatitis developing increases by a factor of 4.4. (If it is a beer, it is about 2 liters. If it is sake, about 4 combinations more. If it is wine, they are about 5 cups in the glass.)

Mechanism in which breathing in liquid melts pancreas

A digestive enzyme of tens of kinds is made in pancreas. The safety device has placed to the enzyme so that pancreas should not digest. And, the safety device of the enzyme comes off when the digestive enzyme enters the duodenum.

It grows serious in pancreas when abnormality happens to the trypsin of the digestive enzymes of pancreas. The trypsin that became abnormal cuts the safety device of the digestive enzyme of the circumference fast. And, it begins to melt pancreas.

What is a chronic pancreatitis?

Even if pancreas do not melt, it is a chronic pancreatitis to make pancreas a fibre with collagen. The characteristic abnormality is "Pain in the vicinity of the pit of the stomach" and "Pain in the back and the waist. " in a chronic pancreatitis. The sickness of pancreas is not often found if the diagnosis is difficult, and it doesn't progress to some degree. Let's have the precise inspection in the specialist with the ultrasonic endoscope etc. if anxious.

In the cause of a chronic pancreatitis, 1st place is drinking too much of alcohol as well as an acute pancreatitis. As for 2nd place, it is said idiopathy and the cause is uncertain. 3rd place is a gallstone etc.

Method of checking pancreatitis

Method checked by stomachache in the vicinity of pit of the stomach. When there is a pain repeated in the vicinity of the pit of the stomach, and the waist are floated, it is a caution needed when the pain strengthens.

When you have a backache. It is a caution needed when the body is laid and it stands round-shouldered when it has a pain in not only stomachache but also softening of the pain, and the back.

How to drink sake that prevents pancreatitis

It is the most effective to reduce the amount of the drinking. They are made alcohol are not drunk every day but to take a rest from pancreas. Be not to relieve the stress by the drinking, and sake to drink a little while enjoying it.