Effect of mask

A lot of people who are doing the mask are seen in the person garbage when becoming the time of the winter cold. It tends to hesitate to do the mask because it seems that it catches a cold when the mask is done. However, the sense of incompatibility is lost recently even if the person who does the mask is doing very a lot.

Effect of mask

I went out at about the end of 2007 the symptom like asthma, and became daily that the mask was done since then. When the mask is done, it has been understood that there are a variety of goodness though it had thought of the mask up to now.

Prevention of cold

The power is suppressed with the mask a little though the virus and the spray of the cold dash out from the mouth when coughing and it flies far away. Moreover, the virus and the bacterium of others' colds can be prevented from entering my mouth to some degree.

The power when coughing is suppressed though there might not be direct effect because the virus of the cold is smaller than eyes of the mask. Moreover, there is an effect of not passing bacteria (wog) that adhere to big dust.

Moisture and the temperature of the breath vomited with the mask are absorbed to the mask. When inhaling, this moisture and the temperature are taken into the breath. Then, the proliferation of a weak virus to the temperature and humidity is suppressed. Especially, you seem may not wet the mask with water. If the mask is wet with water, it is likely to become stifling.

Prevention of cough

It becomes difficult for the cough to occur because it doesn't inhale cold air directly. The cough happens because of little stimulation. The temperature and the humidity of the air that enters the throat, the bronchial tube, and lungs by the mask rise. Frequency in which the cough happens because of this effect decreases.

It is the one that the throat is hurt by coughing and the cough occurs further. The cough can be prevented further a little by the synergy effect of the decrease of the cough.

It is safe though it is effective to raise humidity with the humidifier even if there is no humidifier if the mask is done when warming a room with the air conditioner. It is possible not to become a counterproductivity to which mold and the tick in the room proliferate with the humidifier.

Improvement of stertor

I see from my experience ..the improvement of the stertor with the mask... The mouth breathing at sleep by doing the mask seems to decrease, and to have increased though the reason is not understood well the nose breathing.

This disappeared after coming to have done the mask though it often had a pain in the throat when the mask was not done. When sleeping every day since then, I came always to do the mask.

Prevention of inhalation of dust

Especially, even if a dustproof performance is not good, the mask more or less has a dustproof effect. The mask is indispensable in the environment with a lot of dust.

I do not think doing to be greatly better as for a usual mask though the good one of a dustproof performance might be necessary for the mesothelium kind with asbestos that became a problem in recent years and the prevention of the lung cancer.

When the virus and the wog of the cold have adhered to dust, it becomes prevention of the cold by not breathing in this dust.

Prevention of inhalation of poisonous fumes

When paint and paints are treated, the mask that doesn't absorb an organic solvent is effective. There is something that doesn't breathe in poisonous fumes in such a mask because it absorbs solvents such as thinners and toluenes.

Prevention of roughness of lip and skin

It noticed though the lip did not get rough at all by using the mask. It is the one that the lip gets rough though differs in degree when going out without doing the mask when it is winter cold. Moisture is kept or the lip and the skin in the circumference are always damp in the mask.

Easy to use selection masks important

A special mask is not necessary for the prevention of the cold. Please select the mask used easily from it.

A disposable mask with which the mouth and the nose that was able to be done with the unwoven cloth are covered is cheap and sanitary. It is to 100 yen for ten pieces recently. When multiplying by the ear, the ear becomes painful when the tension of rubber is large. I think that I use the thing that came to fit the curve in the upper part of the nose easily.

It seems to be easy adhering of fold to the mask, not stifling the one that the space can be done in the part of the mouth and the nose when the mask is done, and to use it.

However, do the be dewy of moisture in the vomited breath on the surface of the mask when going out in cold winter, and the mask gets wet because of such a mask. It seems to be unquestionable in case of a short time.