Relation between kidney disease and a test for renal function (creatinine)

Kidney disease was taken up by Trial & Success of NHK.They were the interesting contents that the condition of a renal function was known at percent with the value of the creatinine of a test for renal function.

About kidney disease

Kidney disease is the illness to which work of the kidney worsens.The function of the kidney removes the toxin and wastes in blood, or is adjusting the amount of moisture.If the kidney becomes sick, various influences will come out into the body.

It is said that the function of the kidney lost once is not usually recovered.Since the wastes in the body are unremovable if the function of the kidney falls, the condition of uremia appears.

As a method of recovering the function of the kidney, a kidney alternative therapy like hemodialysis or a kidney transplantation is needed.It is said that those who are undergoing this hemodialysis need no less than 300,000 people.

The cause of kidney disease

Some causes of kidney disease are various.It is also the feature of kidney disease that there are many causes, such as "a congenital nephritis", "a nephritis by infection of a virus", a "diabetic nephritis", and "an allergic nephritis."

The kidney disease with difficult prevention which comes from a lifestyle-related disease although it is sick can generally prevent kidney disease.Since it becomes a cause by which high blood pressure, gout, and diabetes also reduce a renal function, it is becoming important not to develop kidney disease by taking care about these illnesses.

The degree of health of the kidney can be judged by creatinine inspection.

The result of a creatinine inspection can give a percent indication of how many filtration functions of the kidney remain.

Creatinine is wastes generated when the protein in muscles is metabolized.This serum creatinine inspection (normal values are 0-1.3) is conducted also the autonomous medical examination and the blood test of the medical institution.But only with the laboratory data of creatinine, an amateur did not find a meaning well but the result was seldom utilized.

Since the "filtration capability chart of the kidney" which "kidney breaks from the value of the creatinine in blood, and presumes the condition " is announced from Japanese Society of Nephrology, please refer to it.

A high uric acid value serves as a risk of renal insufficiency.

It is a uric acid value in blood that the filtration function of the kidney attracts attention as a cause of the "renal insufficiency" lost nearly completely recently.

It is said that inflammation (gout) will occur in the blood vessel of the kidney, and the risk of renal insufficiency will become high if a high uric acid state is neglected although uric acid is famous as a causative agent of gout.

In a man, the risk of kidney disease increases [ a uric acid value / the person of 7 or more mg/dl / a uric acid value ] 4 times compared with the person of less than 7 mg/dl. For a woman, the person of 6 or more mg/dl is [ the risk of a uric acid value ] 9 or more times in uric acid value compared with the person of less than 6 mg/dl.