Method of activating sirtuin gene (long life gene)

The gene "sirtuin gene" was discovered. The gene delays the process of growing old, and can prolong the life span. Everyone has the method of activating it though is a gene that has it. It seems not to be a dream to adjust longevity to 100 years old if "Not fully feeded up" said from of old is executed. The content broadcast by NHK feature was easily brought together.

What is the sirtuin gene?

The researcher at M.I.T. discovered sirtuin gene in 2000. To survive when the living thing became hunger, sirtuin gene was acquired. However, sirtuin gene doesn't work when not becoming a starvation state.

It takes win a new fresh when the sirtuin gene is activated.

The cause that the cell grows old in the recent research and longevity contracts has been understood. It is reckless driving etc. of the active oxygen and the immunity that mitochondria put out.

Everyone is not usually working the sirtuin gene that has it because it has not been activated. However, it is thought that the cause of growing old is suppressed when this sirtuin gene is activated, it is kept like being young various organs of the body, and it takes win a new fresh.

I see in the experiment of the rhesus in University of Wisconsin ..working of the sirtuin gene.. when bait is decreased by 30%. And, it was confirmed to postpone longevity by 20-30%. It is proven to postpone longevity by limiting the intake calorie for man in the experiment of the calorie limitation society in the United States.

Method of activating sirtuin gene

Limit the calorie of the meal.

It cuts down on the food to always enter the state of "Not fully feeded up" to activate the sirtuin gene like the above-mentioned and the calorie is limited.

Take the resveratrol.

I hear it was effective even if the material of resveratrol contained in the skin etc. of a red grape was taken. This seems not to have to limit the calorie of the meal. The number of those who take the tablet of the supplement of the resveratrol seems to have increased in the United States because it need not limit the calorie.

It is necessary to note senior citizen's food restriction.

Originally, because the amount of the activity is a little, senior citizen's taken calorie is little. If the meal limitation is done, should it become malnutrition, the nutritional balance collapse, and it note it more. It is likely to have the opposite result to what was intended far from extending life span if the amount of the meal is limited too much.

View in the future

The research of "Long life medicine" that uses the resveratrol that activates the sirtuin gene is advanced. It cannot know it whether doesn't acquire the long life human race's longtime wish it not be nor a far future so. When all become the long lives, the population of the senior citizen seems to increase too much, and to become a new social trouble.