Helicobacter Pylori and LG21 yogurt

It was thought that the asepsis because of strong acid in the stomach in the stomach so far. However, it neutralized with ammonia that voluntarily produced this acid and the existence of the Helicobacter Pylori that settled in the mucous membrane of the stomach came to be known.

One of the causes of the stomach cancer was Helicobacter Pylori after all.

Proteins involved in H. Pylori can cause stomach cancer team of professors Hatakeyama Masanori Genetic Medicine, Hokkaido Institute of Control "PAR1" have identified. The results prove the relationship between H. Pylori and gastric cancer, is expected to lead to prevention and treatment of gastric cancer.

Result of Hokkaido University team  (From the Yomiuri Shimbun on May 17, 2007. )

  First of all, when it has the protein named CagA internally, and it adheres to the epithelial cell that forms the tunica mucosa ventriculi, Helicobacter Pylori drives CagA by the bindieye like the injection needle.
  CagA infiltrated in the cell confirmed it clung to protein "PAR1" related to the cytoplasmic binding, and the function was lost though the epithelial cell united mutually and worked the tunica mucosa ventriculi.
  As a result, gastritis and the stomach ulcer are caused when the epithelial cell's peeling off, falling, and progressing. In addition, it has been understood for this to be activated when clinging to the protein by which CagA controls the cell proliferation, for the epithelial cell to proliferate abnormally, and to cause the stomach cancer appearance of disease.

The experience of the except Pylori bacterium and the LG21 yogurt

Photograph of LG21 yogurt

I want to pass on the complete cure experience of my duodenal ulcer and information related to it. It is because this favor that apologizes is presented to a lot of people in repaired only of me. It is LG21 yogurt of Meiji Dairies that this photograph is effective in Helicobacter Pylori.

I have been annoyed for about 25 years by the duodenal ulcer. The Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach that caused the duodenal ulcer in February, 1999 is removed with the medicine, and the duodenal ulcer has cured.

The Helicobacter Pylori seems to have a lot of things that it causes the slump and the foul breath of stomach and intestines. It is said the cause of the stomach cancer. However, even if I want to remove the Helicobacter Pylori, I have thought that it is also more not to be able to launch out into the removal it is necessary to drink the gastrocamera until recently. (I hear that the gastrocamera did not have to be drunk now. From my doctor's information)

To prevent the secondary tuberculosis, it eats the LG21 yogurt though it is especially unnecessary because I removed Helicobacter Pylori. After my except bacterium, the yogurt made from the lactic acid bacterium named LG21 that kills the Helicobacter Pylori directly is being put on the market by Meiji Dairies. I also included and a lot of people tried. There is a wonderful effect, and my family disappears by foul breath, becomes beautiful the tongue, and seems is also very good the condition of stomach and intestines.

Bought LG21 yogurt (120g) is made in my home, and the packing milk of one liter is made from the yogurt manufacturer in the raw material. When it is hungry It eats 100g twice a day. If it eats this yogurt, it seems to get the same benefit with the medicine. Please try by all means.

It is not a translation to which the bacteria elimination can be completely done with this yogurt. I think that you should think that the number of bacteria decreases to about 1/10-1/100.

Article on me published in the Yomiuri Shimbun


About 25 years had been suffering, duodenal ulcers healed me. Helicobacter Pylori had been the cause, that the advanced medical disinfection in three different oral medicine, he received the thanks.

Take medicine to heal completely, gone around the stomach discomfort, but refreshing. Moss also reduces bad breath and tongue, but it feels like behavior was also active. That it was negatively affected by a variety of H. Pylori in the body, I realize that.

However, there are a lot of sicknesses to which a fundamental treatment method has not been established yet in this world. These sicknesses are overcome at the early stage, and it prays that the day when everyone is healthy and can live come.

Outline of treatment that I experienced

Cultured for two weeks of taking the organization of gastric ulcer in the camera first. Doctors for antibiotics and other medication for two weeks from three types of Helicobacter Pylori to make sure there is. Two weeks after the addition, if confirmed as made for disinfecting drinking again gastroscope.

My case history

I just graduated from university, work for Panasonic. I was in Osaka for the design of color television. Tight work overtime almost every day at home was ten o'clock at night. Began to have stomach pain on an empty stomach since I was 25 years old. The doctor said that I was with duodenal ulcer depend on. I take medicine to heal it for about three months and relapse turn over in about six months. This was repeated until February 1999.

The doctor said, "Always take the medicine. Or, change your job. If not so, your disease is not cured." I did not take the medicine for a long time. I quited the company I worked for 10 years. Then I changed jobs.

Recently, "The emanation of the stress was unskilled" or "There is a problem in the stress of the cold in the motorcycle of commuting" was severely said by the superior in the company. It is understood that these stresses were not my sick causes when thinking that the cause of the duodenal ulcer is Helicobacter Pylori now since it understands.

The current work is an independent enterprise in a small electronics store. It has not improved completely though the medicine need not be taken so because it matches it to my physical condition on business to hold the hobby concurrently with the actual profit any longer.

In January 1999, I knew how to eradication of H. Pylori in television and books. So I consulted the doctor. And I was the eradication of Helicobacter Pylori.

From it to be of the very excellent condition and current pain like lieAnything comes to be able to eat as anything is delicious, and also in a horseradish, a red pepper, and a sour thing, is safe. There is no unpleasantness when hungry at all, and it is pleasant to do the belly. Foul breath was lost, too. Others' foul breaths came to be very anxious oppositely.

The thing that becoming it thing and nose came often to pass as the tongue is beautiful, the thing not having caught a cold, and the skin are the becoming it things in beauty etc. the thing that every day can live pleasantly and happily might be the biggest effect.

Sales and others of food with antibody to LG21

Food with the antibody to Helicobacter Pylori seems to be sold according to broadcasting of NHK on January 23, 2009. There seems to be an effect of decreasing Helicobacter Pylori when Helicobacter Pylori's antibody is given to the chicken, and it eats the yogurt made from the yolk to which it gave birth for three months.

Moreover, the application of the insurance of Helicobacter Pylori's bacteria elimination seems to schedule the except bacterium to be applied to all the people who have Helicobacter Pylori and to convert the limit of the person who has the symptom of the stomach ulcer and the duodenal ulcer now. It is very joyous.

The Helicobacter Pylori inspection kit (DEMEKARU) is put on the market.

The Helicobacter Pylori inspection kit demekaru is one that the risk of the stomach cancer by Helicobacter Pylori is checked. First of all, the Helicobacter Pylori inspection kit is bought. It sells it for about 6,930 yen.

Next, collecting blood (about 0.05cc) is executed for myself, and the plasma separates at once then and there. The specimen material after it collects blood is sent by mail with a special envelope.

After mailing the specimen material, the result report will have the news flash by mail about four (business days). The result seat will be sent in about one week.